What can be the Maximum Gap Between the Two Sessions of Parliament?

By Harshal Vispute|Updated : December 20th, 2022

The maximum gap between the two sessions of Parliament is six months. Therefore Parliament should be convened at least twice a year. A parliamentary session is a period from the beginning of the session until its prorogation, dissolution, or the end of the regular term. A session is the time frame in which the House of Parliament meets for business. One session is the duration of a normal house-sitting period.

Maximum Gap Between Two Sessions of Parliament

The Indian Parliament holds three meetings annually: Budget Session from February to May, the Monsoon session from July to September, and the Winter session from November to December.

  • Parliament must meet at least twice a year, and the interval between sessions cannot exceed six months.
  • Procedure for summoning all members of Parliament to a meeting. The President shall call from time to time the sittings of each House of Parliament.
  • Article 85 of the Constitution contains specifics regarding the summoning of Parliament.
  • The government has the right to call the session of Parliament. The Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs makes decisions, which are formalized by the President, on whose behalf the MPs are called to a session.
  • India's parliamentary calendar is not set in stone. By custom (rather than required by the constitution), Parliament meets three times a year.
  • The first session of the Budget, which lasts the longest, begins near the end of January and ends by the end of April or the first week of May.
  • Parliamentary committees can discuss the budgetary recommendations during the pause in the current session.
  • The three-week monsoon season, which usually begins in July and lasts till August, is the second season.
  • The third session, known as the winter session, lasts from November to December.

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FAQs on Maximum Gap Between the Two Sessions of Parliament

  • A parliamentary session lasts from the beginning of the session to its prorogation, dissolution, or end of the regular term. Parliament must meet at least twice a year because the maximum interval between sessions is six months.

  • The Lok Sabha meets three times a year. The period of the budget is February to May. July through September is the monsoon season. November to mid-December is the winter session.

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