What are the Various Functions Political Parties Perform in a Democracy?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : August 29th, 2022

The various functions the political parties perform in a democracy include running in elections, forming governments and playing a major role in the formation of various laws and legislations. Politics forms the very base of a country, and political parties are the ones that form the backbone of this politics and run the country. There are a number of such political parties in India that contribute to the growth and development of India.

India being a democracy, chooses its leaders and parties that come to power with several promises of the nation's growth and development.

Functions of Political Parties in a Democracy

A political party can be considered as a large group or organization formed with a number of like-minded individuals that move forward with a specific ideology or philosophy of politics in the direction of a country's growth and development. Political parties in a democracy perform various functions such as

  • Standing or representing themselves in elections and letting the voters choose after listening to their ideas and ideologies towards the country's development.
  • The political party that wins in election forms and runs the government, whereas the ones that lose form the opposition party and keep an eye on the government's activities and performance.
  • Making important decisions such as forming much-needed laws after participating in debates in the legislature regarding the same.
  • Forming public opinion by bringing major issues to the forefront.
  • Putting forward policies and programmes.
  • Perform an important role of becoming a link between the government and the public as each political party consists of a local leader who interacts with the public and listens to their demands and promises to fulfil them.

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  • In a democracy, the fate of a political party is decided by the voters.

  • One of the most important functions of a political party is forming and running a government while contributing to the country’s growth.

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