What are the Uses of Zener Diode?

By Harshal Vispute|Updated : July 12th, 2022

When a certain voltage is attained, a Zener Diode, a semiconductor device with a P-N junction, directs the current in a switch direction. Due to the opposing breakdown, the voltage can operate continuously in the opposite propensity mode without suffering any damage. In addition to allowing current to flow from anode to cathode, a Zener Diode also allows it to flow in the opposite direction with the goal of reaching the Zener voltage. Zener Diodes are the most often used semiconductor diodes due to their utility. A reverse-biased, heavily doped p-n junction diode that operates in the breakdown region is used in the device. Traditional rectifiers and diodes are never used in the breakdown zone, while the Zener diode can be used safely at the indicated. 

Application and Uses of Zener Diode

  • As a voltage regulator: The series-connected resistors limit the current through the diode when there is an excess of voltage while the diode is conducting when the load voltage matches the breakdown voltage. 
  • Protects from overvoltage: When the input voltage increases and reaches the Zener breakdown voltage, the current through the diode will create a voltage drop across the resistor. This triggers a short circuit to the ground.
  • Used in clipping circuits: Clipper circuits are employed to stop the output signal from exceeding a predetermined value without affecting the input signal in any way. Zener diodes can be used to alter and shape circuits that clip the AC waveform. 
  • Used to shift voltage: The most common function of a Zener diode is to change a signal's voltage. In breakdown regions, it can keep the output voltage constant. The ideal part of the operation for a Zener diode is its ability to shift voltage.


What are the Uses of Zener Diode?

Zener diode that allows current to flow either forward or backward. When a specific voltage level is attained, a semiconductor device called a Zener diode with a P-N junction conducts current in the opposite direction. Due to its reverse breakdown voltage, it can operate in a reverse-bias mode without suffering any damage. A Zener diode is a particular kind of diode made to consistently permit current to flow "backward" when a specific reverse voltage, called the Zener voltage, is attained. One of the fundamental components of electronic circuits, Zener diodes are widely used in electronic equipment of all kinds. They serve as reference voltages for circuits, particularly stabilized power supplies, and are utilized to create low-power stabilized supply rails from a larger voltage. Additionally, they are employed to safeguard circuits from overvoltage, particularly electrostatic discharge.

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What are the Uses of Zener Diode FAQs

  • A silicon semiconductor device called a Zener diode allows current to flow either forward or backward. When a specific voltage is attained, the diode's unique, severely doped p-n junction is designed to conduct in the opposite direction.

  • As long as the peak reverse voltage does not exceed the Zener voltage, a Zener will behave just like a regular diode.

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