What are the Types of Rural Settlements?

By Durga Prashanna Mishra|Updated : July 15th, 2022

The Types of Rural Settlements are a measurement of geo-climatic conditions, gregariousness, and land capability. There are mainly 4 types of rural settlements namely- Clustered, agglomerated or nucleated, Semi-clustered or fragmented, Dispersed or isolated, and Hamleted. Rural settlements mean the distribution of houses in a geographic region, for example, some populations reside on lands that are outside of cities and towns, which contributes to rural settlement patterns.

What are the 4 Types of Settlements?

The types of rural settlements can be broadly put into four types:

  • Clustered, agglomerated, or nucleated- this type of rural settlement is a closely built-up area of horses. In rural areas, most of the houses are separated from the surrounding barns, farms, and pastures. The closely built-up area and the intervening streets show some types of geometric shapes and they are found in the northeastern states.
  • Hamleted- in various parts of the country, a settlement is divided into so many units, and physically separated from each other. These units are called Palli, Panna, Dhani, Nagla, etc. The fragmentation of large villages can be due to ethnic and social factors. These villages can be spotted in areas like the lower valleys of the Himalayas, Ganda Plain, and Chhattisgarh.
  • Semi-clustered or Fragmented- segregation of large compact villages results in these types of settlements. This can also result from clustering in a restricted area.
  • Dispersed or isolated- Isolated settlement pattern can be seen in a few huts in remote areas in the country, or small hills with farms o the slopes, It appears in the form of isolated hamlets.

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FAQs on What are the Types of Rural Settlements?

  • Rural settlement is where the displaced populations settle outside of towns, and they depend on agriculture and pastoral practices. There are four types of rural settlements- clustered, hamleted, semi-clustered, and isolated.

  • The Types of Rural Settlements are influenced by various factors- historical factors, economic factors, physical factors, cultural factors, and demographic factors.

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