What are the types of minerals?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 1st, 2022

The types of minerals can be primarily metallic and non-metallic based on their composition. Both ferrous and non-ferrous metallic minerals are possible, and iron is found in ferrous minerals like iron ore, manganese, and chromites.

  • In contrast to ferrous minerals, which contain iron, non-ferrous minerals can contain other metals like gold, silver, copper, or lead.
  • Metals are absent from non-metallic materials.
  • These minerals include gypsum, mica, and limestone. Coal and petroleum are examples of non-metallic materials that are used as fuels.
  • Like vitamins, minerals support your body's growth, development, and health.
  • The body uses minerals for various processes, including nerve impulse transmission and developing strong bones.
  • A normal heartbeat or the production of hormones both depend on specific minerals.

Types Of Minerals - Classification and Examples

Metallic minerals

Metallic minerals have shine in their appearance and are chemically composed of metals. These minerals can be mined to obtain them as a main metal source.

  • Iron ore, Manganese, and bauxite are a few examples of metallic minerals.
  • These minerals can be further classified as non-ferrous and ferrous metallic minerals.
  • Non-ferrous minerals do not contain iron, whereas ferrous minerals do.

Non-metallic minerals

Minerals that exhibit a non-metallic sheen or shine are non-metallic minerals and lack extractable elements in their chemical makeup.

  • Non-metallic minerals include things like mica, gypsum, and limestone.
  • Most bauxite ore is found in heavily worn rocks, and bauxite deposits can be found in various volcanic rocks.
  • It must always be recovered from iron ore by removing impurities because it never exists in pure form.
  • The oldest and most valuable element ever discovered is gold.
  • Manganese ore is a metallic ore that can be found in many different forms and is silvery brittle, or grey-white.


What are the types of minerals?

Minerals are separated into metallic and non-metallic groups based mostly on composition. Metallic minerals can be ferrous or non-ferrous.


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