What are the Physical Features of India? Explain in Points

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 5th, 2022

The objects that one can see around them, such as mountains, seas, and rivers, are known as physical features. India is a diverse country, and India's terrain, economics, and culture all have unique components. India is an exhaustive geographical study because of its varied physical characteristics. In this post, we will discuss the physical features of India.

Physical Features of India

India is a varied nation both culturally and geographically. India's physical landscape is diversified and extensive, with mountains, plains, plateaus, islands, and deserts. The physical features of India are as follows:

  • The Himalayas: They are a series of highly tall mountain ranges that extend from India's northern, northeastern, and western regions. They are further divided into the Shivaliks, Himachal range, and Himadri range, three more compact sections.
  • The Northern Indian Plains: They are made of a vast plains region or alluvial terrain. The Ganga Plains, Punjab Plains, and Brahmaputra Plains are the three further divisions of the Northern Plains.
  • The Great Indian Desert: Gujarat and Rajasthan are included in it. The Thar is the largest desert with dunes, an arid environment, and less than 150 millimeters of rainfall annually in these areas.
  • The Peninsular Plateau: It consists of the Deccan Plateau and the Central Highlands. One of the country's oldest landmasses is found in these areas.
  • The Coastal Plains: While the western coastal plains are located between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats; the eastern coastal plains are situated between the Eastern Ghats and the Bay of Bengal.
  • Islands: The Lakshadweep Islands and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the two significant Islands that are a part of the Indian Territory.

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  • Natural characteristics seen on the surface of the Earth are known as physical features, and the moniker "Landforms also know them." Mountains, deserts, islands, plains, plateaus, canyons, valleys, rivers, oceans, glaciers, etc., are a few examples of landforms.

  • India has every type of scenery there is on earth. The physical features of India range from chilly mountains to deserts, broad plains, hot, humid plateaus, wide sea beaches, and tropical islands.

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