What are the methods of reducing friction?

By Ritesh|Updated : November 11th, 2022

The methods of reducing friction are friction between rolled objects and the surface can be reduced with the help of a ball bearing. Lubricants like grease or oil reduce the friction between two surfaces. Friction is the resistance that a surface or an object encounters as they move over one another. A ball is tossed, travels a distance, and then stops. The ball stops after being affected by an outside force.


Door and frame slide against one another. rubbing hands collectively to produce heat. In the aforementioned examples, the surface appears to be smooth, but when examined under a microscope, it may appear that even the smooth-appearing object has jagged edges.

Methods to reduce friction

The following are some suggestions for reducing friction:

  1. Ball bearings can be used to lessen the friction that an object experiences when being rolled over a surface.
  2. The friction between the surfaces can be decreased by using lubricants like oil or grease.
  3. Friction can be decreased by polishing the surface, which makes it smooth.


What are the methods of reducing friction?

The friction between rolled items and the surface can be decreased with the use of ball bearings, which is one of the strategies for reducing friction. Grease or oil, for example, lowers friction between two surfaces.


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