What are the Merits and Demerits of Democracy?

By Harshal Vispute|Updated : November 7th, 2022

The Merits of democracy are that rulers chosen by the populace make all significant decisions. Elections give the populace a choice and a just opportunity to replace the current leadership. Everyone has an equal opportunity to take advantage of this decision. The Demerit of democracy, when leaders frequently change, instability results. Politics is all about power and rivalry, leaving little room for morals. In a democracy, many individuals must be consulted, which causes delays.

Merits and Demerits of Democracy

The Greek terms "Demos" and "Cratia" are the ancestors of the word "democracy." Demos refers to the people, while Croatia denotes authority. Democracy, therefore, is a governance system where the people exercise political authority. Here we have listed the merits and demerits of democracy in the table.

Merits of DemocracyDemerits of Democracy
Government is more accountable.Instability due to frequent change in leaders.
The right to vote is given to all citizens.Power play and rivalry diminish morality.
Raises Level of Decision MakingSlow and sluggish process.
Enhance People's Moral CharacterNo criteria for the election of representatives.
Strengthen the integrity of PeopleCorruption increases in a multi-party government. 
Enables citizens to correct their errorsPower rest with uneducated and unethical citizens.

Definition of Democracy

In a democracy, the people, not the administration or the military, run the country. Democracy increases popular interest in politics by granting them the ability to choose their government representatives. In democracies, people have the opportunity to communicate with their governments directly. Voting rights, social issue awareness, and public participation are essential components of a democratic society. At the same time, instability results from frequent leadership transitions. The merits of democracy have the advantage of enabling voters to make better judgments and providing them the chance to correct their mistakes. These are the drawbacks of democracy, and elected officials often make poor choices since they don't know what is best for the general populace.

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FAQs on Merits and Demerits of Democracy

  • The fact that representatives make all important decisions of the people is one of democracy's benefits. Democracy has the drawback that instability arises from frequent changes of leadership. Morality has little place in politics, which is about competition and power.

  • Democracy includes two types: direct and indirect. Direct democracy is a system of governance in which every person has a direct voice in governing decisions. Indirect democracy is a system of governance where the people choose their representatives for a set amount of time, and those representatives are in charge of running the government during that time.

  • The rule of ignorance is one of the biggest disadvantages of democracy. In a democracy, when leaders frequently change, instability results. People who lack education or intelligence are more likely to vote incorrectly, which might result in the selection of incorrect government officials.

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