What are the Main Problems of Tribal Communities?

By Ritesh|Updated : December 19th, 2022

The main problems of tribal communities are social isolation due to their identity as lower castes, lack of access to health care and nutrition, forced displacement and resettlement, and exploitation of their resources and labour. Some other issues include verbal, financial, and technical illiteracy, the threat of their identity being erased and more. In addition, tribal communities exist on the margins of modern society and face various socioeconomic, cultural, and political challenges.

Main Problems of Tribal Communities

In India, the total number of Scheduled Tribes (STs) is 705, spread over 30 states and union territories of the country. Many of these tribes face challenges that threaten to erase their identity and cause them to remain socially isolated and backward. The challenges often pose a threat to the indigenous identity of tribal communities.

  • According to the 2011 census, 89.97% of the total ST population lives in rural areas and 10.03% in urban areas.
  • The marginalized tribal population in rural areas not only faces isolation from modern society but also struggles with the exploitation of their resources and labour.
  • Living on the margins, they have little or no access to health facilities and education.
  • What's more, their resources are exploited by industries in the name of development, and they are forcibly displaced from their homes.

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FAQs on Problems of Tribal Communities

  • Social isolation due to their identity as lower castes in Indian society; exploitation of their resources and labour; Forced displacement and resettlement, and verbal, financial, and technical illiteracy are the main problems of Tribal Communities.

  • Scheduled Tribes face many socio-political, economic, and cultural problems in India. However, the biggest problem is social isolation due to their identities. STs are perceived as “lower castes” in Indian society and are subjected to a lot of discrimination.

  • Tribal communities in India face many political problems. Since many tribal communities exist on the margins, the development of their land is often the agenda of political leaders. However, in reality, the leaders fail to contribute to the development of these communities.

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