What are the main features of directive principles?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 7th, 2022

The national and State governments of India use these as directive principle guidelines. These ideas must be considered by governments when creating laws and programs. The following are the main traits of the Directive Principles of State Policies.

Features of Directive Principles

  • Certain provisions of the Indian Constitution are not enforceable in a court of law.
  • But the principles are taken very seriously by the country's authorities.
  • The federal and State governments must apply these principles while passing legislation if they want to build an equitable society across the country.
  • The Directive Principles inspired the principles set down in the Irish Constitution as well as the ideals of Gandhian philosophy.
  • Establishing social and economic frameworks that allow all citizens to live happy lives is the primary goal of these ideas.
  • Citizens can use these principles as a yardstick to determine how successfully their governments achieve their objectives.
  • All executive agencies must be built on the principles outlined in this statement.
  • When making choices, even the judicial system must consider them.


What are the main features of directive principles?

The main features of directive principles are to create a society across the nation when enacting legislation, promoting, upkeep world peace and security, and maintaining good and respectful relations between nations. Additionally, these principles sustain observation with treaty obligations and international law and arbitration of international conflicts, which is why the Central and State Governments must use these regulations.


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