What are the Different Forms of Powersharing in Modern Democracies?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : August 26th, 2022

Any constitution must have some method of power distribution. Power sharing makes ensuring that there is the best possible balance between the various facets of society. There should be some kind of power-sharing in every state. Every citizen now has more opportunities available to them. In a democracy, power sharing has benefits, promoting the political system's stability. In this post, we will learn about the different forms of powersharing in modern democracies.

Different Forms of Powersharing in Modern Democracies

Modern democracies use various power-sharing systems, some of which are described here:

  • Horizontal Distribution of Power: The legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government have equal authority. India is an example. This division makes sure that no organ can exert and use an endless amount of power.
  • Community Government: Other socially engaged groups, such as linguistic and religious ones, can also share power. Belgium is an example.
  • Power-sharing Between Political Parties: This type of power-sharing competition ensures that power does not remain in one single hand. Different political parties that represent various ideologies and social groupings share power for a more extended period.
  • Vertical Distribution of Power: Different levels of government can share power. governments at the province, state, and regional levels and a general federal government for the nation. Example: The Union Government of India consists of the Central and State governments.

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  • Vertical power sharing is the division of powers among the several levels of government, as opposed to horizontal power sharing, which is the division of powers among the various government departments.

  • The ability to interfere in their societies and the acknowledgment of their sovereignty by an international juridical framework of like-minded governments are characteristics of modern democracies that set them apart from earlier systems of government.

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