What are the basic characteristics of horticulture?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 3rd, 2022

The basic characteristics of horticulture are:

  • It is a branch of agriculture that deals with ornamental plants, flowers, and fruits.
  • It calls for sizable farms that are self-contained, cutting-edge, and contemporary.
  • It is common to grow a single crop extensively.
  • A significant financial commitment is required to establish a horticulture unit.
  • The Gardening process takes a lot of labor.
  • It gives industries the raw resources they need to process crops.

Basic Characteristics of Horticulture

Growing fruits and vegetables is a part of horticulture, which offers essential elements for a healthy diet.

Some of the most prevalent and incapacitating nutrient-related illnesses in the world are mainly attributed to diets deficient in fruits and vegetables.

  • Horticulture is a particular branch of agriculture where attractive plants, flowers, and fruits are grown.
  • It requires sizable farms that are independent, cutting-edge research facilities.
  • Just one crop is raised extensively.
  • Establishing a horticultural unit requires a substantial financial commitment.
  • There are many workers employed.
  • These farms offer the manufacturers the raw materials they need to process the crops.
  • The primary crops this farming crops include roses, marigolds, tulips, bananas, mangoes, apples, pears, lemons, mandarin oranges, etc.


What are the basic characteristics of horticulture?

A culture defined as horticultural is one in which people live off of growing plants for sustenance without the aid of machines or animals to pull ploughs.


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