What are the applications of light?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 3rd, 2022

Humans can study distant things in space and observe everything around them thanks to light. Only with light are plants able to provide us with nourishment, and plants use sunlight to facilitate photosynthesis. Plants use the light they receive to prepare nourishment for both themselves and others.

Applications of Light in Everyday Life

  • We are aware of the health benefits of vitamin D. Sun is, therefore, the best source of this vitamin for obtaining this energy for nothing.
  • We can use the light energy we receive from the sun for domestic tasks like running solar cookers, and the sunlight is also used for solar water heaters.
  • The only thing that can help us see the beautiful things around us is light.
  • Visible light is electromagnetic radiation that falls inside the human eye's visible spectrum.
  • However, all of this is made possible by light. We employ spectroscopy for both quantitative and qualitative investigations of numerous chemicals. The various forms of spectroscopy differ depending on the wavelength of light used in each.
  • Light's UV component is a highly effective sterilizer. You may have observed that hospitals and shops utilize UV lamps since they are the most effective sterilizers.
  • The environment of the supermarket or hospital remains sanitary since the UV rays eliminate the airborne microorganisms. Because of this, UV light is regarded as a dry form of sterilizing.


What are the applications of light?

The applications of light let people see everything around them and study distant objects in space. One of the most efficient sterilizing agents, sunlight helps eliminate all the microorganisms found in hospital mattresses or other bedding.


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