What are the advantages of Administrative Tribunals?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 1st, 2022

The advantages of administrative tribunals are that they are adaptable and flexible, provide fair justice, inexpensive and fair justice, and relief to courts of law. The following are the principal benefits of administrative tribunals:

  • Both judicial and administrative tribunals now have more adaptability and flexibility thanks to administrative adjudication.
  • In addition to being the best option for taking administrative action, administrative tribunals are also the best way to provide fair justice to individuals.
  • Administrative justice guarantees speedy and inexpensive justice. Contrarily, litigation is expensive, and the court process is drawn out and complicated.
  • Additionally, the system provides much-needed relief to regular courts of law, which are already overworked by routine lawsuits.

Advantages of Administrative Tribunals in India

The term "administrative exercise of the judicial functions" describes it and is used interchangeably with administrative divisions and decision-making.

  • It is the term used to describe several alternatives to using traditional courts to resolve disputes.
  • Even though it violates the separation of powers premise, it is constitutional.
  • It is the involvement or participation of the government's executive (administrative authorities) in the judicial processes.
  • Administrative agencies can make enforceable and appealable decisions by using administrative adjudication. In several ways, this adjudicative function is no longer necessary. Tribunals, however, are the most widely used method of adjudication.
  • A tribunal can be any "person" or "institution." Whether or not a matter involves tribunals, they have the authority to judge, decide, and resolve claims or disputes.
  • Tribunals are "judgment seats," "courts of justice," "boards or committees," or other structures created to decide on claims of a particular nature.
  • Tribunals were added by the 42nd Amendment Act of 1976. However, they were not initially a component of the constitution.
  • Administrative tribunals are quasi-judicial institutions created by a law passed by the legislature or state regulation and whose mandate is to carry out adjudicative duties.
  • In other words, they are institutions other than courts that handle adjudication.


What are the advantages of Administrative Tribunals?

The advantages of administrative tribunals are that they provide fair justice, are adaptable and flexible, fair and inexpensive justice, and offer relief to courts of law.


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