What are the 3 Main Sectors of the Economy?

By meenakshi|Updated : August 1st, 2022

The 3 main sectors of the economy are the Primary sector, the Secondary or Manufacturing sector and the Tertiary or Service sector. The primary sector involves extracting the raw materials for the industries. The secondary sector involves manufacturing and producing finished goods, and the tertiary sector is concerned with offering intangible goods and services related to production like tourism, retail, entertainment, etc.

3 Main Sectors of the Economy

Based on the activities, the economy is divided into the following three sectors- 

  • Primary sector- Activities of the primary sector are carried out by utilizing the natural resources and serve as the foundation for all other items. It includes mining, agriculture, forestry, dairy, fishing etc. The primary sector is also known as the Agriculture and allied sector because agriculture, forestry, dairy, and fishing are the major sources of the raw materials being consumed. 
  • Secondary sector- The secondary sector involves the function of manufacturing, i.e., it includes the business that is responsible for the production of finished or useable products. It means the secondary sector takes the raw material from the primary sector and turns it into products that are sold to consumers. 
  • Tertiary sector- Tertiary sector is not responsible for producing goods. Instead, the tertiary sector refers to the services of the other two sectors. The services involved are guidance, experience, access, attention, emotional labor, retail, tourism, banking, I.T., and entertainment services to the firms and the end-users. 

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FAQs on What are the 3 Main Sectors of the Economy?

  • The primary sector, the secondary or manufacturing sector and the tertiary or service sector are the 3 main sectors of the economy. 

  • The primary sector uses raw materials from agriculture, forestry, dairy, and fishing. It is also referred to as Agriculture and allied sector. 

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