What are primary minerals?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 3rd, 2022

Primary minerals are those that are created as a result of molten lava crystallizing. Silica and silicate minerals comprise most of the soil's fundamental minerals. The Physical Characteristics of Primary Minerals are the Kind of external crystal, Cleavage, Fracture, and Luster.

Physical Characteristics of Primary Minerals

Kind of external crystal:

The internal arrangement of the molecules determines the outward crystal form, which might take the shape of cubes, octahedrons, hexagonal prisms, etc.


  • It means a crystal splits in a straight line.
  • Not all minerals show cleavage, and a weak point in the structure of a mineral is liable to split.
  • The nature of a mineral's visible surface and its ease of cleavage are both revealed by the quality of the mineral's cleavage.


  • A fracture occurs when a mineral sample is split in a way that does not operate as a plane of perfect or precise cleavage.
  • When a mineral is broken apart or crushed, it fractures.
  • Planar surfaces that are clearly defined are not produced via fracture.
  • Any possible direction can cause a mineral to fracture.
  • The crystal will fracture irregularly rather than along cleavage planes if the interior molecular arrangement is sufficiently complicated that there are no planes of molecules.


  • Depending on whether they are opaque or transparent, minerals can be grouped.
  • Every mineral has a distinct sheen, such as smooth, metallic, glossy, etc.


What are primary minerals?

Primordial minerals are those that result from the crystallization of molten lava. Most of the primary minerals in the soil are silicate and silica.


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