What are the Parallels of Latitude and Meridians of Longitude?

By K Balaji|Updated : August 24th, 2022

Latitude and Longitude are imaginary lines that run across the surface of the earth. While latitudes run horizontally, longitudes are imagined to run vertically across the globe. Here’s what are the parallels of latitude and meridians of longitude:

  • Meridians of Longitude: These are imaginary vertical lines that join the north pole to the south pole. These lines run along the prime meridian. Longitudes are expressed by minutes (′).
  • Parallels of Latitude: The parallels of latitude run parallel to the equator and are expressed in degrees (°). 

Parallels and Meridians

The parallels and meridians can help in locating any place on the earth. By combining latitude and longitude, cartographers, geographers, and others can pinpoint exact global locations. They are part of a coordinate system for finding or locating geographic positions.

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  • While Meridians refer to the lines that run along the Prime Meridian, Parallels refer to the lines that run parallel to the Equator. Together, they are used as coordinates to pinpoint geographical locations.

  • Latitudes and longitudes refer to the imaginary lines that pass through the surface of the earth. Longitudes run along the Prime Meridian, and Latitudes run parallel to the Equator.

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