What are Natural Things? Give Examples for the Same

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : August 4th, 2022

We often use terms like natural and unnatural things. But can you define what are natural things? Natural things are referred to the things that are found in nature and were formed without the help of mankind. Thus, some examples of mankind include the sun, moon, water and rain.


Natural things are found in nature and are formed without the interference of mankind

Natural things can also be referred to as nature’s gifts that cannot be formed by human beings. What’s more, natural things can be both living and non-living.


What are Natural Things? Give Examples for the Same

The answer to what are natural things is simple. Natural things are things that are self-formed and found in nature. In simple words, these things are not formed by humans and don’t require any interference from mankind. Lastly, they can be alive or even non-living. Some examples include rain, sun, moon, water, etc.

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