What are MPs and MLAs in India?

By Devyani Singh|Updated : July 13th, 2022

MLA in India is short for Members of Legislative Assembly. MLAs are directly voted by the people of the country. These elected representatives become the members of state legislatures from their particular constituency. 

MP in India is short for Members of Parliament. They are known as directly and indirectly elected representatives of the country in the union government. Both the members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are called MPs or Members of Parliament.

Who are MPs and MLAs in India?

MLAs are Members of the Legislative Assembly that voted into the system through direct elections in their respective constituencies. Each constituency has one single candidate representing it in the assembly. Only an MLA can work as a minister for a tenure longer than 6 months. If a person who is not an MLA becomes a Chief Minister/Minister, they must become an MLA within the period of 6 months to remain in office. Only an MLA can be a Speaker of the Legislature.

MPs are Members of Parliament that are voted in through direct and indirect elections to both houses of the bicameral parliamentary system that India follows, namely Lok Sabha (the lower house) and Rajya Sabha (the upper house). 

  • The MPs in the Lok Sabha are elected through direct elections, using adult suffrage. The permitted maximum number of members in the Lok Sabha is 550. 
    • Out of this 550, 530 are elected directly from states and constituencies and (upto) 20 come from the Union Territories. 
    • 2 seats are reserved for the people from the Anglo-Indian community. 
    • The elected strength is 543. 
    • The Lok Sabha is responsible for selecting the Prime Minister of the country from a coalition or party that has a majority. 
    • The Lok Sabha is not a permanent body and can be dissolved. 
  • The MPs in the Rajya Sabha are indirectly elected by the electoral college formed by the members of the State Legislature. 
    • The number of members in the Rajya Sabha is less than that of the Lok Sabha 
    • Their powers are restricted as well. 
    • The Rajya Sabha is a permanent body and cannot be dissolved. A third of its strength retires every 2 years and new members are elected by the electoral college and Presidential nomination. 

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FAQs about What are MPs and MLAs in India?

  • The full form of MLA is Members of Legislative Assembly and the full form of MP is Members of Parliament.

  • There are about 8-9 MLAs under the jurisdiction of an MP of the Lok Sabha.

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