What are Mango Showers?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : August 8th, 2022

The phenomenon of mango showers is common in some southern states of India. Yet, most people are not aware of what are mango showers. They are the pre-monsoon showers or rainfall that help in the ripening process of mangoes in states like Kerala, Karnataka, Konkan and Goa. These rains usually occur in the months of April and prevent the premature dropping of mangoes.


Monsoon showers are the pre-monsoon showers that help in the ripening of mangoes

Furthermore, mango showers are extremely important for the farmers or mango cultivators in the South of India. These summer rains are also referred to as Kal Baisakhi in Bengal and coffee showers or cherry blossom showers in Kerala.


What are Mango Showers?

Wondering what are mango showers? They are pre-monsoon rains that help in the ripening of mangoes in the Southern states like Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Konkan. These rains are essential for the mango cultivators and they prevent the premature dropping of the mangoes.

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