What are Joint Parliamentary Committees?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 4th, 2022

Joint parliament committees are formed in the Parliament of India to discuss a particular bill or for an investigation into an issue like financial irregularities. Members of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are selected for these committees. A Joint Parliament committee (JPC)is a temporary body set up to deliberate upon a particular subject for a specific duration.

Joint Parliament Committee

  • To mention a few, committees were formed in 2001 for stock market scams and in 2003 for the pesticide residues in soft drinks.
  • The government moved the motion in the Lok Sabha. The terms of reference included fixing responsibilities, identifying loopholes, and making suitable recommendations.
  • The JPC recommendations have value but are not binding upon the government. The government may accept it or launch a fresh investigation based on the report.
  • The government must report on the follow-up action based on which the committee submits the action taken report in the Parliament. The reports are discussed in Parliament.


What are Joint Parliamentary Committees?

In the Parliament of India, Joint parliament committees are formed. It is set up for the reason to discuss a particular bill or for an investigation into an issue such as financial irregularities. These committees are formed when a motion is passed by one house and agreed upon by the other.


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