What are elections?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 3rd, 2022

Elections are a system by which people can regularly select and replace their representatives. Voters in elections have various options, including who will represent them in legislation.

  • Who will enact laws on their behalf is up to them.
  • They can decide who will lead the country and make essential choices.
  • They can decide which party's ideologies will direct the government and legislative process.
  • The administration of the Union and State election procedures in India is the purview of the Election Commission of India, an independent constitutional body.
  • The organization oversees the elections for India's President and Vice President and the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha legislatures.

Administrative Authority over Elections

  • The Delimitation Body Act has given the commission the authority to set the geographic limits of electoral seats for various elections.
  • Any political party or organisation may be registered or deregistered through its use.
  • It has the authority to ensure that the "Model Code of Conduct" for election campaigns is followed.
  • It has the authority to monitor the political parties' election spending. It guarantees a level playing field for all political parties, regardless of their size and consequent spending power.
  • It has the power to appoint officers as election observers and expenditure observers from different Civil Services departments.


What are elections?

People can regularly choose and replace their representatives through the electoral process. Choosing who will represent them in drafting legislation is one of several alternatives available to voters during elections.


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