What are Developed Resources?

By K Balaji|Updated : August 24th, 2022

Environmental resources that are ready for human use are called developed resources. Only resources with a certain quality and quantity qualify as developed resources. While other resources may still be in the development stage, developed resources are different. They can be treated as a product to fulfill our wants and needs. The examples of developed resources are given as follows:

  • Coal
  • Petroleum
  • Forest
  • Lake

All the natural resources mentioned above take years to form and once fully formed, they can be used for a variety of purposes. To know more about what are developed resources, read below.

Examples of Developed Resources

Developed resources are used for versatile purposes. As these resources may take years to finally develop, we must ensure that we are not overusing or exploiting these resources. In case we continue to exploit them, they may get entirely depleted. Some of the most useful developed resources include petroleum, coal, fruits, etc.

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  • Developed resources are those resources that are read for human consumption or use. Natural resources like coal, petroleum, and water sources fall into the category of developed resources.

  • Some examples of developed resources include coal, petroleum, lakes, rivers, fruits, etc. These resources take months to years to form and once they do, they are ready for human use.

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