Wellington Trophy is Related to Which Sports?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 5th, 2022

Wellington Trophy is related to the sport of Rowing in India. It is among the highest awards that a rower can get. Rowing as a sport can be traced back to the British era in India. Calcutta Rowing Club was the first ever rowing club in India to be established in the British era in the year 1858.

The sport of rowing involves racing boats using oars attached to the boat as levers. This sport is administered by the Rowing Federation of India, which is the central governing body for rowing. Rowing Federation of India was formed on 30 August 1976 and is affiliated with the Indian Olympic Association.

Wellington Trophy is Related to Which Sports?

Rowing is a historical sport that involves the racing of boats. In India, rowing as a sport was introduced during the British era, with the establishment of the first ever rowing club in India, the Calcutta Rowing Club. Administered by the RFI (Rowing Federation of India), the sport was brought to India during the British era.

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  • Wellington Trophy is associated with the game of rowing in India. The trophy is awarded to the team players who win the sport in a tournament. Rowing was introduced in India by the Britishers in 1858.

  • Rowing sport in India was introduced by the Britishers in 1858, with the establishment of the Calcutta Rowing Club.  The sport involves racing boats using their attached oars as levers.

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