WBCS Political Science Syllabus 2022 PDF: Download Paper 1, 2 Syllabus in Bengali

By Sumit Mazumder|Updated : July 26th, 2022

WBCS Political Science Syllabus is released by the West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC) on the official website.WBPCS allows all the WBCS candidates to choose one optional subject out of the 37 subjects mentioned in the notification. WBCS Political Science Optional Syllabus may be a bit challenging for most aspirants, but this is the most useful and applicable subject for a civil servant.

A WBCS aspirant must read the WBCS syllabus as many times as possible and remember it thoroughly before starting their preparation. WBPSC has provided the WBCS Political Science Syllabus comprehensively in their recent notification. This article provides all the details about the syllabus, preparation strategy, important books, etc.

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Download WBCS Political Science Syllabus PDF

The first job of the Aspirants taking Political Science as an optional for the WBCS Exam will be to master the WBCS Political Science Syllabus from top to bottom. Because if you don't know the syllabus properly, you will waste your valuable preparation time by reading unnecessary things. Here we are providing you with WBCS Political Science Optional Syllabus. You can download it by clicking the following link.

☛ WBCS Political Science Syllabus PDF, Download Now

WBCS Political Science Syllabus

WBCS Political Science Syllabus includes topics like Indian Politics, Constitution of India, Foreign Policy of India, etc. So choosing this subject as an optional subject will give you many advantages in a civil service interview. It is also an important topic in WBCS General Studies Syllabus. Below we have described the WBCS Political Science Optional Syllabus in detail. Along with this, aspirants must check the WBCS Syllabus 2022.

WBPSC WBCS Political Science Syllabus

Paper – I :

Group A

  • Western Political Thought
  • Indian Political Thought
  • Political Concepts
  • Political Ideas
  • Different aspects of Democracy
  • Political Process
  • Forms of Government
  • Social Movements


  • Basic features of Indian Constitution
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Union Legislature
  • Union Executive
  • The Judiciary
  • Government in the States
  • State Legislature
  • Local Government and Politics
  • Bureaucracy
  • Social Processes

Paper – II :


Public Administration

  • Theories of Administration
  • Forms of Public Organizations
  • Principles of Organization
  • Processes of administration
  • Accountability and Control
  • Development Administration
  • Control of Public Expenditure
  • Indian Administration
  • Recruitment and Training of Civil Servants in India
  • Organization of the Union Government in India
  • Organization of the State Governments in India
  • District Administration in India

Group - B

International Relations

  • Some Basic Concepts of International Relations
  • Foreign Policy
  • Non-Alignment
  • Major Issues in Indian Foreign Policy
  • Recent Global Issues

WBCS Political Science Syllabus in Bengali

WBCS Political Science Syllabus এ ভারতীয় রাজনীতি, ভারতের সংবিধান, ভারতের পররাষ্ট্রনীতি ইত্যাদির মতো বিষয়গুলি অন্তর্ভুক্ত রয়েছে। সুতরাং এই বিষয়টিকে একটি ঐচ্ছিক বিষয় হিসাবে বেছে নেওয়া আপনাকে সিভিল সার্ভিস ইন্টার্ভিউতে অনেক সুবিধা দেবে। WBCS জেনারেল স্টাডিজ সিলেবাসেও এটি একটি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ বিষয়। নীচে আমরা WBCS Political Science Optional Syllabus-টি বিস্তারিতভাবে বর্ণনা করেছি।

WBPSC WBCS Political Science Syllabus in Bengali

Paper – I :

গ্রুপ A

  • পশ্চিমা রাজনৈতিক চিন্তাধারা
  • ভারতীয় রাজনৈতিক চিন্তাধারা
  • রাজনৈতিক ধারণাসমূহ
  • রাজনৈতিক আইডিয়া
  • গণতন্ত্রের বিভিন্ন দিক
  • রাজনৈতিক প্রক্রিয়া
  • সরকারের ফর্ম
  • সামাজিক আন্দোলন

গ্রুপ -B

  • ভারতীয় সংবিধানের মৌলিক বৈশিষ্ট্যসমূহ
  • মৌলিক অধিকার
  • কেন্দ্রীয় আইনসভা
  • ইউনিয়ন নির্বাহী
  • বিচার বিভাগ
  • রাজ্যগুলোর সরকার
  • রাজ্য আইনসভা
  • স্থানীয় সরকার ও রাজনীতি
  • আমলাতন্ত্র
  • সামাজিক প্রক্রিয়া

Paper – II :

গ্রুপ -A


  • প্রশাসনের তত্ত্বসমূহ
  • সরকারী সংস্থার ফর্ম
  • সংগঠনের মূলনীতিসমূহ
  • প্রশাসনের প্রক্রিয়া
  • জবাবদিহিতা ও নিয়ন্ত্রণ
  • উন্নয়ন প্রশাসন
  • সরকারি ব্যয় নিয়ন্ত্রণ
  • ভারতীয় প্রশাসন
  • ভারতে সরকারি কর্মচারীদের নিয়োগ ও প্রশিক্ষণ
  • ভারতে কেন্দ্রীয় সরকারের সংগঠন
  • ভারতে রাজ্য সরকারগুলির সংগঠন
  • ভারতের জেলা প্রশাসন

গ্রুপ - B

আন্তর্জাতিক সম্পর্ক

  • আন্তর্জাতিক সম্পর্কের কিছু মৌলিক ধারণা
  • পররাষ্ট্র নীতি
  • নন-অ্যালাইনমেন্ট
  • ভারতীয় পররাষ্ট্রনীতির প্রধান ইস্যুসমূহ
  • সাম্প্রতিক বৈশ্বিক সমস্যা

WBCS Political Science Syllabus- Preparation Strategy

WBCS Political Science Syllabus has two parts. The first part explains different Political Thoughts, Political Ideologies, Forms of Government, the Indian Constitution, etc., and the second part contains details about Public Administration and International Relations. Our experts have shared several strategies to master this entire Political Science syllabus properly. If you follow these correctly, you can have a good outcome in this optional. Candidates should also check the WBCS Preparation Strategy .

  • Topics of Paper I are static, so understanding the concepts is very important. Straightforward questions are asked from this section. Practising previous year's papers will help you to score a good mark in this paper.
  • Paper II covers both static and dynamic topics. In this case, aspirants are advised to clear the concepts and read the latest political and economic stuff from daily newspapers.
  • Previous year's questions are a great resource for optional subject preparation. So candidates should practice the previous year's questions as often as possible.

Best Books for WBCS Political Science Syllabus

The key to scoring well in any optional subject is keeping the syllabus in mind and making a defined book list. About 50% of the WBCS Political Science Syllabus resembles WBCS GS Paper. Books and study material required for this subject are easily available. We have listed below some useful and necessary books for Political Science. Along with this, you must follow WBCS Book List.

Best Books To Cover WBCS Political Science Syllabus

Indian Polity

M. Laxmikanth

An Introduction to Political Theory

O.P. Gauba

Public Administration

M Laxmikant

International Relations

Peu Ghosh

Strategy to Score Good Marks With WBCS Political Science Syllabus

A prospective civil service aspirant should be aware of government, constitution, law and order, foreign relations etc. That is why the WBCS Political Science syllabus is not only a popular subject but also one of the favorite subjects for the toppers. The best part is that students of any background can read it easily. You must invest some energy to understand the topics and clarify the concepts. Below are some tips from some of our experts who have previously scored well with the WBCS Political Science Syllabus.

  • Candidates should stick to a specific and trusted book list rather than going through many books or sources simultaneously.
  • As this subject is very dynamic, the newspaper is an important material. The editorial section of various important daily newspapers should be well followed.
  • Those who find the subject a bit tough can start their preparation with NCERT books because NCERT presents the topics in very simple language. All books for preparation are available in the WBCS NCERT books for preparation articles.
  • The most important thing for WBCS Political Science Syllabus is to practice writing answers as much as possible. It would be best if you practiced the questions from the previous year's question papers.


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WBCS Political Science Syllabus 2022 FAQs

  • WBCS Political Science Syllabus has two groups. The first group mainly deals with Political Thoughts, Political Ideologies, the constitution of India and important articles, and various forms of government, while the second group deals with the international relations of India and political administration. Political Science is a very useful subject for any WBCS Exam aspirant.

  • WBPSC has details about the WBCS Political Science syllabus on its official website. But candidates can download it from the direct link provided in this article.

  • WBCS Political Science syllabus includes Indian Politics, Constitution of India, Foreign Policy of India, Political Thoughts and Ideologies, etc. Following are some important topics to which candidates should give utmost importance.

    • Western Political Thought 
    • Indian Political Thought
    • Different aspects of Democracy
    • Forms of Government 
    • Basic features of the Indian Constitution 
    • Fundamental Rights 
    • Union Legislature
    • Union Executive 
    • The Judiciary
    • Government in the States
    • Public Administration 
    • International Relations 
  • The WBCS Political Science Syllabus consists of two papers of 200 marks and descriptive type. The first paper includes mainly the topics of Political Thoughts, Political Ideologies, and various forms of government, and paper 2 includes the constitution of India. Aspirants must check the WBCS Exam Pattern 2022.

  • At the beginning of the preparation, master the WBCS Political Science syllabus well, then analyze the previous year's questions and mark the important sections. Prepare a reliable book list, and stick to that list. If necessary, you can take the help of the WBCS Book List. As the topic is a bit dynamic, the newspaper should be read seriously. Follow the WBCS Preparation Strategy to score better in this paper.

  • Making the right book list for WBCS Political Science Syllabus is very important because you will waste your valuable time if you follow many reference books at once. We have mentioned some important books from WBCS Book List

    • Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth
    • An Introduction to Political Theory by O.P. Gauba
    • Public Administration by M Laxmikant 
    • International Relations by Peu Ghosh
  • WBCS Political Science syllabus is very large and comprehensive. As this subject has a lot in common with WBCS GS Syllabus, completing the syllabus in three months is not difficult if the basic concepts are clear beforehand. For those who have no prior idea about the subject, it becomes a bit difficult to cover it in three months.

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