Most Expected WBPSC WBCS GS Questions for Prelims Exam 2022

By Avijit Dey|Updated : June 9th, 2022

Most Expected WBCS GS Questions for 2022 Prelims Exam: The WBCS 2022 Preliminary examination is set to conduct on 19 June 2022. Many applicants are preparing for the WBCS 2022 Preliminary examination. So we have provided you with the most expected General Studies questions for this exam.


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Are you preparing for the WBCS examination?

The WBCS examination procedure begins with a Preliminary Exam, followed by the Main Exam and Personality Test.
This blog will be helpful for the WBCS aspirants to know the most anticipated section with the most expected topics that are critical before beginning exam preparation.

WBCS Prelims Exam Pattern 

  • The WBCS Prelims exam consists of only one General Studies MCQ paper.
  • The Prelims paper consists of General Studies questions including General Mental Ability of 200 marks.
  • The exam duration is 2.5 hours.
  • The marks obtained from this WBCS Preliminary exam will not be added to the final result. It is only a screening test to admit students to the WBCS main examination 
English Composition25 marks
General Science25 marks
Current events of National & International Importance25 marks
History of India25 marks
Geography of India (special reference to West Bengal)25 marks
Indian Polity and Economy25 marks
Indian National Movement25 marks
General Mental Ability25 marks
Total 200

Most Expected WBCS GS Questions for 2022 Prelims Exam

Candidates must have concrete planning to pass the WBCS Preliminary Exam. The aspirants need to follow the proper strategy to decent score in the WBCS Preliminary Exam. The candidates need to focus on General Studies Paper. We will discuss the most expected questions in the WBCS GS Questions for the 2022 Preliminary Examination.

Expected Questions on History and Indian National Movement :

1. Which Rajput ruler was not a contemporary of Akbar?
A. Man Singh
B. Amar Singh
C. Udai Singh
D. Jaswant Singh

Answer ||| D

2. Who was the Nawab of Bengal at the time of the Battle of Buxar (1764)?
A. Mir Qasim
B. Mir Jafar
C. Nizam-ud-Daulah
D. Saja-ud-Daulah

Answer ||| A

3. Who was the writer of ‘Buddha Charita’?
A. Buddhaghosa
B. Ashvaghosha
C. Nagarjuna
D. Panini
Answer ||| B

4. Which of the following Harappan sites is not located in Gujarat?
A. Surkotada
B. Lothal
C. Dholavira
D. Banwali
Answer ||| D

5. Where did Gautama Buddha deliver his first sermon?
A. Bodh Gaya
B. Shravasti
C. Sarnath
D. Vaishali 


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Most Expected GS Questions for WBCS FAQs

  • Questions repeat 15 to 20 percent in WBCS. If you cover the last 10 years of WBCS preliminary and WBCS Main questions, you will surely get common in the WBCS  main examination.

  • For General Studies you can follow the General studies book of Nitin Singhania. You can read English Grammar and composition book by PK.DeSarkar. For Arithmetic and Reasoning, RS Agarwal is the best.

  • You can surely clear the WBCS exam in the first attempt with the following rules:

    •  You have to read the minimum last five years' questions of Prelims and Mains.
    • You have to knowledge about the WBCS Syllabus
    • .Daily Revision and MCQ Practice are highly recommended.
    • Last, of all need a minimum of 3 full mock tests
  • You can speak in Bengali in the WBCS interview or Personality Test.

  • English is compulsory for the Preliminary and Main exams.

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