Voltage Divider Bias Provides

By Himanshu Bajpai|Updated : July 25th, 2022

Choose the right answer to the question, voltage divider bias provides from the following options along with a detailed explanation.

  1. an unstable Q point
  2. a stable Q point
  3. a Q point that easily varies with changes in the transistor's current gain
  4. a Q point that is stable and easily varies with changes in the transistor’s current gain

Answer - B. a stable Q point


The detailed solution to the question, voltage divider bias provides, is provided here. 

The voltage divider bias method is the most well-known way of providing biasing and stabilizing. In this case, biasing is provided by the two resistors, R1 and R2, which are linked to VCC. Stabilization is provided by the resistor RE used in the emitter.

The voltage division created by R1 and R2 gives rise to the term "voltage divider." The voltage drop across R2 forward biases the base-emitter junction. As a result, in conditions of zero signal, the base current and consequently the collector current flow. 

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