Varunastra Torpedo - Latest Defence Current Affairs Indian Navy

By Naveen Singh|Updated : June 25th, 2019

The Indian Navy has chosen to induce the indigenous heavyweight torpedo Varunastra into its arsenal in a bid to increase its underwater firepower. Let’s read about it more in detail.

Varunastra Torpedo: Defence Current Affairs Indian Navy

What is Torpedo?

  • A torpedo is a self-propelled weapon with an explosive warhead, launched above or below the surface of the water, propelled underwater toward a destination and intended to detonate on or near the target.
  • The Naval Science and Technology Laboratory (NSTL) of the DRDO has created the indigenous state-of-the-art heavyweight vessel launched an anti-submarine electric torpedo.
  • The torpedoes will be produced in cooperation with the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) at the BDL Visakhapatnam facility.

About Varunastra:

  • Varunastra is basically an underwater weapon launched by ships, electrically propelled, fitted with one of the most sophisticated automatic and remote-controlled guidance systems.
  • This weapon system uses its own artificial intelligence technology in tracing the target. It can hit stealth submarines underwater.
  • The electric anti-submarine torpedo can travel at 40 knots, or 74 kmph when fired. The operating range is 40 km and a warhead weighing 250 kg can be carried.
  • It is also having advanced autonomous guidance algorithms with low drift navigational aids, insensitive warhead which can operate in various combat scenarios.
  • The weapon has completed all environmental qualification tests like shock, vibration, temperature cycling, marine environmental tests.
  • This has put the Indian Navy in the elite club of navies across the globe that are self-reliant in underwater sensors technology and underwater.

About BDL:

Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), a government of India Enterprise established in 1970 in Hyderabad as a manufacturing base for guided missiles and allied defence equipment.

Products by BDL:

  1. NAG Missile: A third-generation (Fire and Forget) mechanized ATGM infantry, capable of destroying armoured vehicles fitted with Explosive Reactive Armor, moving and stationary objectives.
  2. Akash: It is an indigenously built, all-weather, air defence weapon system, using a highly explosive, pre-fragmented warhead that can concurrently face various threats.
  3. Milan 2T: To destroy tanks equipped with Explosive Reactive Armor, moving and stationary objectives, it is a man-portable (Infantry) second-generation ATGM.

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