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Question 1

In a _________ classroom teachers adapt their pedagogy and vary assessment to cater to individual students.

Question 2

The student who is the first one in their entire generation to go to school and receive an education is known as:

Question 3

At which stage of Lawrence Kohlberg’s theory of moral development do individuals believe that actively maintaining the current social system ensures positive human relationships and societal order?

Question 4

A place where teaching material are kept is known as:

Question 5

Which of the following subjects, mathematics is highly correlated—

Question 6

Which method is more useful where the apparatus is costly and sensitive to break?

Question 7

Rice, Bhat-sukho, Chola-dal are famous food materials of which region?

Question 8

You are located at X and your school is located at Y. There is no straight path from your house to school. So, you first go to A which ¡s 30 m due north of X, then go to B which is 40 m due west of A, then go to C which is 30 m due north of B and finally you reach your school at Y which is 40 m due west of C. With respect to your school the correct direction of your house is

Question 9

Agriculture activity involves –
I) Growing crops
II) Raising animals
III) Growing flowers
IV) Mining

Question 10

Directions: Answer the following question by selecting the most appropriate option.
While writing, one of the cohesive devices used is

Question 11

Direction: Answer the following question by selecting the most appropriate options :
In a constructivist classroom learners are :

Question 12

Which of the following is correct about direct method of teaching language?

Question 13

कविता शिक्षण की वह प्रणाली जिसका प्रयोग कक्षा 4-5 से प्रारंभ होकर उच्चतर माध्यमिक कक्षाओं तक चलती है।

Question 14

कहानी शिक्षण का उद्देश्य नहीं है

Question 15

महात्मा गांधी की बुनियादी शिक्षा प्रणाली किस विधि के सिद्धांतों पर आधारित है
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