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UPTET Paper - II (Science / Maths's ) : Mini Mock 2022 - 34

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Question 1

________ is the collection of student’s works and shows growth, self-reflection and achievement.

Question 2

Which of the following is not the level of teaching?

Question 3

Meaning of stagnation in education is

Question 4

"अभिमानी" शब्द का स्त्रीलिंग क्या है?

Question 5

‘बोरौ सवै रघुवंश कुठार की धार में बारन बाजि सरत्थहि।
बान की वायु उड़ाइ कै लच्छन लक्ष्य करौ अरिहा समरत्थहिं।
रामहिं बाम समेत पठै बन कोप के भार में भूजौ भरत्थहिं।
जो धनु हाथ धरै रघुनाथ तो आजु अनाथ करौ दसरत्थहि’।
उपरोक्त पद्य किस कवि का है?

Question 6

‘बहिर्गमन’ शब्द में उपसर्ग है।

Question 7

Choose the correct passive narration of the given sentence:

Throw the ball.

Question 8

Choose the common gender from the given option:

Question 9

Which of the following statements is correct?

Question 10

If the ratio of selling price and cost price of an article is 8:5 then the profit percentage is

Question 11

The numerator of a fraction is 10 less than its denominator. if 2 is added to the numerator and to the denominator the new fraction is 1/2. Find the fraction?

Question 12

When x13 + 1 is divided by x – 1, then what is the remainder?

Question 13

Which of the following technique can be used for water conservation?

Question 14

In medium, the nature of sound waves is

Question 15

What is the chemical name of POP?
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