Expected Topics & Questions for UPSEE 2018

By Kavita Sharma|Updated : January 21st, 2018

UPSEE exam 2018 will be conducted on 29th April. The paper is expected to be moderate similar to those of previous years. In this article, we are sharing the expected Paper for UPSEE 2018.

The question paper just like every year will consist of 150 questions, with 50 questions each for physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The total time allotted for the question paper will be 3 hours.

Each question will be carrying 4 marks and there will be no negative marking in the question paper. 

UPSEE 2018 Expected Physics Topics

A) Physics is a very vast topic. It consists of various topics which are very deep and technical to study. As per the analysis of previous years papers, there were questions asked in which directly formulas were asked and it’s been history that there are more than two questions out of 50 in which formula is asked.

B) There is direct formula based numerical that involve very less calculation in topics like Ray optics and Mechanics. They can be scored easily and will cover a good part of them.

C) Also, a large portion is covered by semiconductors and devices and the formula should be on tips if you want to score well in the exam. 

UPSEE 2018 Expected Chemistry Topics

A) Chemistry consists of direct reactions that are asked from topics like chemical kinetics. Questions on Arrhenius Equation is directly asked which are directly formula based. 

B) Different pH values of chemicals are asked. Organic reactions like aldol condensation, Cannizzaro, and other conversions are asked. Mole concept and other basic concepts of chemistry based are also asked.

C) Environment chemistry is also an important topic which is a compulsion by the University to put in the question paper in the form of general awareness. 

UPSEE 2018 Expected Mathematics Topics

A) As per last year paper pattern this year also the level of mathematics will be moderate. The difficulty level of questions will be equal to that of board syllabus. The questions from algebra and trigonometry will be direct formula based and will not take a lot of time. More part will be covered by coordinate geometry where again the questions will be based on direct formulas like a straight line, 3-D Geometry will also carry more than one questions. There are various tricks to calculate rank and solve a determinant and matrices, which will save time and accuracy level will be high.

B) Also, the questions should not be left as there will be no negative marking.

C) Also, there are many questions in which you can reach the correct answers by putting the given options in the questions. 

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