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UPSC Subject Quiz CSAT 12.09.2020

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Question 1

A shopkeeper mixed two varieties of rice at Rs. 42/kg and Rs. x/kg in the ratio 2 : 5 respectively and sold the mixture at Rs. 36/kg at 12.50% profit. Find the value of x.

Question 2

Pipe A can fill a tank in 50 hours. Ratio of efficiencies of filling pipes A and B is 1 : 3. Pipe C can empty the tank in x hours. Pipes A and B are opened and after 10 hours the pipe A is closed and 2 hours later pipe C is also opened. If the tank is filled in 20 hours, then pipe C can empty one–fourth fill tank in

Question 3

Ramesh invested a sum of money at Simple Interest at a certain rate of interest for three years. Had it been invested at a 6% higher rate, it would have given Rs.1440 more. Find out the Principal amount that was invested by Ramesh?

Question 4

A boat goes 72 km upstream in 12 hours and a distance of 90 km downstream in 10 hours. In what time boat goes to 24 km upstream and return back?

Question 5

In place of 23% profit an article is sold at 47% profit and seller gets Rs. 220.80 more. Find the selling price of article if it were sold at 35% profit?
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