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By Shubhra Anand Jain|Updated : December 5th, 2022

UPSC Statistic Syllabus contains probability theory, sampling theory, inferences, and quantitative economics among others. Candidates who want to opt for Statistics as their optional for UPSC Mains must go through the UPSC Statistics syllabus to understand the topics to be covered.

Aspirants will be able to cover the Statistics Optional syllabus easily by blending ideal methodology with hard work. Many candidates think that statistics is nearly similar to mathematics, but it is not the case in reality. UPSC Statistics Syllabus can be very interesting if studied properly.

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UPSC Statistics Syllabus Overview

The UPSC Statistics syllabus is divided into two papers- Paper 1 and Paper 2. Each paper contains 250 marks making a total of 500 marks.

UPSC Statistics Syllabus Paper 1

UPSC Statistics Syllabus Paper 2


1. Industrial Statistics

2. Statistical Inference

2. Optimization Techniques:

3. Linear Inference and Multivariate Analysis

3. Quantitative Economics and Official Statistics:


4. Demography and Psychometry

Download UPSC Statistics Syllabus PDF

UPSC Statistics Syllabus can be downloaded using the direct link mentioned below:

UPSC Statistics Syllabus for Paper 1

Paper 1 of Statistics optional UPSC syllabus is segmented into 4 topics. In addition, those topics are divided into subtopics that we have mentioned below.

UPSC Statistics syllabus

UPSC Statistics syllabus

UPSC Statistics Syllabus for Paper 2

Again the paper 2 of Statistics optional is divided into 4 topics, and those topics are further segmented into sub-topics. Check out the complete UPSC statistics syllabus below

UPSC Statistics syllabus

UPSC Statistics syllabus

How to complete UPSC Statistics Syllabus?

Statistics optional UPSC syllabus contains topics that can only be covered with a solid preparation strategy and practice. With the proper approach, it's miles feasible to clear this examination withinside the first try. 

  • Understand your statistics optional UPSC syllabus 
  • Prepare a Study plan
  • Prepare very own preparation notes
  • Select Best Reference Books
  • Practice UPSC Previous Question Papers
  • Practice few IAS Mock Test 

UPSC Statistics Syllabus Best Books

To cover the UPSC Statistics syllabus in the best possible way, you need the help of books that are recommended by IAS toppers. Below we have listed books that will help you make the best out of your time.

  • Introductory Probability and Statistical Applications – Paul Meyer
  •  An Introduction to Probability Theory & Mathematical Statistics -V K Rohtagi
  • Fundamentals of Statistics (2 Vol.)- A M Goon, M K Gupta, and B Dass Gupta
  • An Outline of Statistical Theory (2 Vol.) -A M Goon, M K Gupta, and B . Dass Gupta
  • Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics-A C Gupta and V K Kapoor
  • Fundamentals of Applied Statistics-SC Gupta and V K Kapoor
  • Sampling Techniques-William G. Cochran
  • Sampling Theory of Surveys with applications – B. V Sukhatme


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UPSC Statistics Syllabus FAQs

  • The statistics optional UPSC syllabus contains topics like probability theory, quantitative economics, inferences, and sampling theory among others.

  • Candidates can download the UPSC statistics syllabus from the official website of UPSC. However, to make this process easier we have mentioned the link above.

  • Even though it is possible to cover the statistics optional syllabus in 3 months, it is recommended to start the preparation as soon as possible. You must also prepare the UPSC mains syllabus along with the optional subject.

  • To cover the UPSC statistics syllabus candidates need to practice as much as possible, follow a robust study routine, and manage their time properly. To prepare effectively for the UPSC exam, you must practice and solve numerous UPSC mock test.

  • There are many books available in the market that can help the candidates to cover the statistics optional UPSC syllabus. We have covered some of the best books above in this post.

  • Yes, UPSC Statistics is a primary part of arithmetic and makes a speciality of mathematical application. And hence it requires an immense amount of practice. UPSC CSAT Syllabus will be easier for candidates with statistics optional.

  • There are 2 papers in the UPSC statistic syllabus namely, paper 1 and paper 2. Each paper carries 250 marks and it makes the statistics paper a total of 500 marks.

  • Statistics is a scoring subject considering that it's miles a department of arithmetic. You will face little or no opposition to this non-compulsory challenge. If you're snug with the challenge and put it together properly, you need to be capable of rating properly considering that there may be no subjectivity on this challenge.

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