IPS Physical Eligibility: Height, Weight, Physical Requirements for IPS

By Ritesh|Updated : January 16th, 2023

Physical Requirements for IPS must be met by candidates who aspire to become IPS officers. We all know that IPS, or the Indian Police Service is one of the most prestigious services and is one of three All India Services. The selection process for IPS officers is done through the UPSC Civil Services Examination, which is held annually.

Candidates need to meet physical requirements for IPS, or their application will be rejected, no matter if they have qualified for the other exams. That is why aspirants who dream of becoming an IPS must go through this post on IPS physical eligibility. Also, aspirants can check the IPS height and weight requirements.

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IPS Physical Eligibility

Along with Physical Requirements for IPS, the candidates must meet various UPSC Eligibility criteria to become an IPS officer. The eligibility factors depend on the IPS height and weight requirements. Below we have mentioned the IPS physical eligibility required for Male and Female candidates to become an IPS officer.

Physical Requirements for IPS - Male

Candidates should ensure they meet all requirements for IPS physical eligibility before applying for the Civil Services Exam. The Male and Female candidates have different IPS Eligibility Criteria. For Male candidates, we have mentioned the physical requirements for IPS below:


IPS Physical Eligibility (Male)

IPS Height

165 cm

For ST (except SC/ OBC) - 160 cm


Minimum 84 cm
Expansion 5 cm

IPS Eyesight Requirements

6/6 or 6/9 distant vision for good eye

IPS Height and Weight

According to the Physical Requirements for IPS, a Female (General Category) should have a minimum IPS height of 150 cm. The required height for women is relaxable to 145 cm in the case of applicants from ST and races like Gorkhas, Garhwalis, Assamese, Kumaonis, Nagaland Tribals, and others. On the other hand, Male candidates should have a minimum IPS height of 165 cm, and for ST (except SC/ OBC), it is 160 cm.

There is no such thing as a maximum IPS Weight for candidate selection; instead, they search for someone who does not have a disability and satisfies the physical requirements. If you pass the Civil Services Examination (CSE) and your rank places you in the selection pool, you are an IPS officer. As per the physical requirements for IPS, the rest of your training will take place at the SVPNPA, where you'll need to maintain your physical fitness.

IPS Medical Test

Those who didn't fulfil the IPS medical requirements for chest expansion during the interview phase of IPS Exam might appeal the decision or show their chest expansion during the subsequent medical exam. The applicant will proceed to the subsequent operation if the second medical examination reveals less chest expansion.

Besides the Physical Requirements for IPS, candidates need to meet other medical requirements. Below we have given the other medical requirements for IPS officers.

  • Blood Pressure (High): Age 23 - 123; age 24 - 124; age 25 - 122; age 28 - 124; age 30 - 125; age 32 - 126; age 34 - 127
  • Nasal: The candidate should not stutter while speaking.
  • Ear: Good listening and normal ear cavity; 1000-4000 frequency hearing impairment should not be more than 30 decibels
  • High standard for the Colorblind test.
  • Vision should be stereoscopic.
  • No inherent night blindness.
  • At the time of the medical test, the female candidate should not be pregnant.

IPS Physical Eligibility for Female

The Commission has also set a specific IPS physical eligibility for female candidates. If you wish to know the IPS Physical Eligibility for Female candidates, refer to the table below:

CategoryPhysical Requirements for IPS (Female)
IPS Height

150 cm

For ST (except SC/ OBC)- 145 cm

ChestMinimum 79 cm
Expansion 5 cm
IPS Eyesight Requirements6/12 or 6/9 for worst eye. Near vision J 1 for good eye. J2 for worst eye

IPS Physical Training

If candidates meet all the IPS Physical Eligibility and medical requirements, they will be selected for the Indian Police Service. After that, the training period starts. The first three months of their 2-year evaluation will be at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA), Mussoorie, for the foundation course. Applicants selected in the Indian Police Service will move to the eleven months of academic training at the National Police Academy (NPA), Hyderabad. Here the IPS officers will receive both indoor and outdoor training.

During the IPS physical training period, applicants must attend institutes across the country as a part of their training. Additionally, the selected candidates will undergo 6 months of training in their assigned cadre. Then they will have to give one month of academic training and return to their assigned cadre as verified IPS officers.

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FAQs on IPS Physical Eligibility

  • Candidates aiming to become an officer must meet the Physical Requirements for IPS. The minimum height for males is 165 cm [For ST (except SC/ OBC) – 160 cm], and the minimum height required for females is 150 cm [For ST (except SC/ OBC)- 145 cm]. The minimum chest for Males is 84 cm, and expansion is 5 cm.

  • The IPS height for male candidates is 165 cm (For ST (excluding SC/ OBC) - 160 cm), whereas the IPS height for female candidates is 150 cm (For ST (except SC/ OBC) - 145 cm).

  • For applicant selection, there is no such thing as a maximum IPS weight; instead, they look for someone who is physically fit and free of disabilities. If you pass the Civil Services Examination (CSE), you are an IPS officer, and your rank places you in the selection pool.

  • Candidates with a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or possessing an equivalent certificate can apply for IPS. Additionally, those in their final year and waiting for the final result are eligible per IPS qualification criteria.

  • The IPS physical test checks if the candidate is physically fit for the Indian Police Service. The physical test includes height and chest measurements. In addition, eyesight is also checked for the candidates.

  • Per the IPS eyesight requirements, male candidates need to have 6/6 or 6/9 distant vision for a good eye, and female candidates must have 6/12 or 6/9 for the worst eye, Near vision J 1 for a good eye, and J2 for the worst eye.

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