UPSC CSE Pre Mock Test 2 (Free): Feedback!

By Atul Roy|Updated : March 27th, 2017

Hi Everyone

I sincerely hope that all of you taking our Free Mock Tests seriously to evaluate yourselves. To improve our test series and serve you better we would appreciate if all those people who have attempted the Mock Test 2 could share your feedback regarding the test with us. Kindly mention the following details about Mock Test 2:

  1. Difficulty level (overall vs each section)
  2. Quality of questions and explanations
  3. How closely the test simulates UPSC Pre
  4. How beneficial was it for your preparation/evaluation?
  5. Anything else you would like to mention

Kindly share with us your feedback/criticisms, so that we can make our tests even better in the future.

In case you haven't attempted the Mock Test 2: Attempt Now!

UPSC CSE Pre Mock Test 2 (Free)

Thanks a lot!

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Dhananjai Kumar Rai
The difficulty level of questions were at higher end. Overall a great experience and learning..
Ratna Yangali
Its a great test. One who do not have concept clarity and updated knowledge will end up marking wrong option.
Enjoyed taking test.
I still need to improve a lot.
Thank you so much @Atul Roy sir. Its a great experience.
Nithin Srinivas
The topics related & CA ques are upto the moderate level still i need 2 enhance my learning ......@Atul Roy

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