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UPSC CSE: Ancient History Test 1

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Question 1

With respect to Indus Valley Civilization, choose the correct match of Indus sites and important findings from those sites:

1) Fire Altars: Kalibangan

2) Dancing Girl sculpture: Harappa

3) The Dockyard: Mohenjodaro

Choose the correct option:

Question 2

Which of these developments can be attributed to later Vedic age as against the practice in the Vedic age?

1) Women lost their political rights of attending assemblies.

2) Child marriages were banned and the practice of sati was absent.

Question 3

Nagnandam written by Harsha deals with

Question 4

Consider the following statements about Jainism:

1) Jainism recognized the existence of the gods but placed them lower than the Jina.

2) Jainism was a staunch opponent of the Varna system.

3) Numerous Jaina monastic establishments called basadis, sprang up in Karnataka and were granted land by the king for their support.

Which of the statements given above are correct?

Question 5

The Pugalur inscription provides information related to which of the following kingdoms?
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