UPSC Bodo Literature Syllabus: Download Latest Syllabus PDF

By Shubhra Anand Jain|Updated : July 7th, 2022

UPSC Bodo Literature Optional Syllabus includes topics such as Homeland, language family, Phonemes, Vowel and Consonant Phonemes and Tones, Plural suffixes, Definitive, Morphology and Verbal suffix, Vocabulary and its sources. Candidates who have opted for the Bodo literature as their optional must have an in-depth understanding of the UPSC Bodo Literature Optional Syllabus. The Bodo Literature optional paper is a scoring subject as it is easy to interpret and learn, and you can easily get maximum marks in this exam. 

Here we have discussed the UPSC Bodo Syllabus in detailed format. Additionally, we have also added some preparation strategies to cover the syllabus in the best possible way.

UPSC Bodo Literature Optional Syllabus for IAS Mains

The UPSC Bodo Literature Syllabus includes two papers- Paper-1 and Paper-2. Just like every optional paper in the UPSC Mains exam the Bodo optional also carries 500 marks, and each paper contributes 250 marks. Below we have provided a brief idea about the UPSC Bodo syllabus. Candidates can take a look at it to understand the topics to be covered.

UPSC Mains Bodo Literature Optional SyllabusTopics

UPSC Bodo Literature Syllabus Paper 1

History of Bodo Language

History of Bodo Literature

UPSC Bodo Syllabus Paper 2

First-hand reading of texts prescribed.

It aims to test the critical ability of the candidates.

Download UPSC Bodo Literature Syllabus PDF

Before beginning the preparation for the exam, you must have the syllabus in one place and that is only possible with the pdf. It is easy to download the UPSC Bodo Literature Syllabus in both Hindi and English by just tapping on the link below.

UPSC Bodo Literature Optional Syllabus [Paper 1]

Paper 1 of the UPSC Bodo Literature Optional Syllabus Exam includes many topics which are further divided into subtopics.

upsc bodo literature syllabus

Bodo Literature Syllabus for UPSC [Paper 2]

Paper 2 Exam of the UPSC Bodo Literature Optional Syllabus consists of many topics which are further splitted into subtopics.

upsc bodo literature syllabus upsc bodo literature syllabus

How to cover the IAS Bodo Literature Syllabus?

Go through the below-given preparation tips in order to ace in the UPSC Bodo Literature Exam.

1. Go through the various important topics

Separate the important topics of the syllabus of the UPSC Bodo Literature Optional Syllabus. Always practice and solve the previous year UPSC papers to know the weightage of various important topics.

2. Start preparing notes on the important topics

Make a habit of making notes on the important topics which will definitely be asked in the exam. It will help you to score good marks in the exam.

3. Define a proper time for your exam

Always make a list of important concepts and assign a defined time for your exam. Time Management is a very important part while preparing for the exam as it will help you in excelling your exam.

4. Solve Previous year Question papers

Once you are done with the syllabus part, you must start solving previous year question papers as it will help you to know your weakness and strong points so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.

5. Examine the complete syllabus

Before starting your preparation for your exam, you should examine the complete syllabus which you need to study. You will get the detailed syllabus from the UPSC Notification, or you can even download the syllabus PDF from which you can get help in learning the important topics.

Best Books to cover UPSC Bodo Literature Optional Syllabus

Given below are the set of books to which candidates can refer for the preparation of UPSC Bodo Literature Optional Syllabus.

  • Bibi Bithai (Aida Nwi) by Bihuram Boro
  • Okhrang Gongse Nangou by Brajendra Kumar Brahma
  • Radab by Samar Bhahma Chaudhury
  • Mwihoor by Dharanidhar Wary
  • Hor Badi Khwmsi by Kamal Kumar Brahma
  • Baisagu Arw Harimu by Laksheswar Brahma
  • Gwdan Boro by Manoranjan Lahary
  • Jujaini Or by Chittaranjan Muchahary

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UPSC Bodo Literature Syllabus FAQs

  • There are two papers in the UPSC Bodo Literature Syllabus namely Paper-1 and Paper-2. Paper 1 includes topics from the Bodo language history and Bodo language and Bodo literature. On the other hand, the Paper-2 of the Bodo Literature syllabus contains Khonthai-Methai (Edited by Madaram Brahma & Rupnath Brahma), Hathorkhi-Hala (Edited by Pramod Chandra Brahma), Boroni Gudi Sibsa Arw Aroz: Madaram Brahma, Gibi Bithai (Aida Nwi): Bihuram Boro, Radab: Samar Brahma Chaudhury and many more.

  • Candidates can simply download the UPSC Bodo Literature Syllabus PDF from the official website of the Union Public Service Commission. Moreover, we have mentioned a direct link to download the Bodo Literature Syllabus above.

  • The UPSC Bodo Literature Optional Syllabus is not too wide and with the accurate and planned preparation strategy, you can easily finish it in the fixed time. First of all, you should have a basic understanding of the topics covered in the entire syllabus. After that, you need to select the best books and study materials and come up with a robust study plan. But, it is highly suggested to begin your preparation for the optional paper as soon as possible.

  • For the UPSC Bodo Literature qualifying paper syllabus, you will need some of the basic school level books but when it comes to the optional paper you must choose the best books. Go through some of the recommended books to cover the entire syllabus.

    1. Bihuram Boro: Bibi Bithai (Aida Nwi) 
    2.  Samar Bhahma Chaudhury: Radab
    3. Brajendra Kumar Brahma: Okhrang Gongse Nangou
    4. Laksheswar Brahma: Baisagu Arw Harimu 
    5. Manoranjan Lahary: Gwdan Boro 
    6. Chittaranjan Muchahary:Jujaini Or
    7. Dharanidhar Wary:Mwihoor 

  • In order to complete the UPSC Bodo Literature Syllabus, you can refer to study material and online resources, previous year question papers, preparation notes, mock test papers, and can also enroll yourself in various online assessment programs that will help you in your preparation for your exam. 

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