How to Study Economics for UPPSC Prelims?

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

In the UPPSC Economics paper, many questions asked from current affairs like questions based on union & interm budgets, bank rates, fiscal policy, monetary policy, etc. So Economy section for the UPPSC PSC exam is more current affairs-based, no one can guarantee any textbook is complete. So the best way to prepare for the economics is to understand the basic concept and keep updated with Indian & Global current affairs.

This article provides a complete strategy with important topics to focus on while preparing economics for UPSC Prelims.

First, let us look at the number of questions asked every year from economics in UPPSC PSC Prelims.

S. No.

Year Number of Question Asked
1 2020 11
2 2019 9
3 2018 10
4 2017 8
5 2016 7

Important sources of Economics 

S. No.

Book Name

Author Name

Publication House


  • Class 9th NCERT- Economics
  • Class 10th NCERT – Understanding Economic Development
  • Class 11th NCERT – India Economic Development
  • Class 12th NCERT Microeconomics and Macroeconomics




Indian Economy

Ramesh Singh

Mc Graw Hill


Indian Economy

Shankar Ganesh

Mc Graw Hill


Ghatna Chakra General Studies Economic & Social Development


Ghatna Chakra

Important Areas to be focussed in Economics:

Economics: Economic Survey Highlights, Poverty in India (UN, World Bank Criterion) and India’s Current Ranking in Various Indexes), Various committees formed (In the news), Economic Theory, Human Development Index, Tax, Five Year Plan, Planning in India, Capital Market, Budget, Micro Economy Concept, Basic Economic Terms (GDP, NNP etc.), Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, Financial System, Banking, Foreign Trade & International Organization, Miscellaneous.

Here are some of the important tips that will help you to prepare Economics for UPPSC Prelims.

  • Read the UPPCS 2021 Economics syllabus many times so that you can know precisely what must be learned from your study material. 
  • Starts from NCERT first clear your concept from NCERT, after reading concepts from NCERTs, daily news update is often sufficient to cover most of the questions.
  • Don,t just read, test yourself. After completing the reading, check your learning outcomes whether you are able to answer all the questions at the end of the chapter or not.
  • Make sure that you are preparing only to crack the UPPCS exam not to master over a topic. So, read the articles which are relevant.
  • Dedicate a particular time on a daily basis, and make sure you stick to it. 
  • Prepare flashcards with keywords/points and relate them to a current issue in a pragmatic way.
  • Read all the economics-related articles. news systematically and try to understand what every article is trying to say.
  • Go through at least 5 years of previous year’s papers that will help you to familiarize the type of question asked in the exam.
  • Practice! Practice! Practice! Mocks are one of the best ways to check your history knowledge.
  • Rewrite your notes. It can help you retain information.
  • Do a certain amount of written work. This is the best test to make sure you are on the right track.
  • Don’t count the number of hours sitting at a desk, but count papers were written or topics where you have improved your learning.

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