UPPSC RO ARO Prelims 2021: Exam Analysis

By Trupti Thool|Updated : April 4th, 2022

UPPSC RO ARO Prelims 2021: Exam Analysis!! UPPSC has successfully conducted the UPPSC RO ARO 2021 Preliminary Examination on 5 December 2021 for 337 vacancies in the post of Review Officer and Assitant Review Officer in the UP Government. The Exam was conducted in two shifts: Shift 1(General Studies- 2 Hours), and Shift 2(General Hindi-1 Hour). 


In this article, we will go through the UPPSC RO ARO Question paper and give you a complete analysis of the Exam on the basis of difficulty level, the number of questions asked etc. This Analysis will give you an idea of your performance in the UPPSC RO ARO 2021 Exam and will give you insights on how you should continue with your preparation after the prelims exam. Along with the Analysis, you will also find the UPPSC RO ARO 2021 expected Cut-Off, link to UPPSC RO ARO Answer key in this article.

UPPSC RO ARO Prelims Exam Pattern:

S. No.


No. of Qs


Time Duration

Paper I

General Studies



2 hours

Paper II

General Hindi



1 hour

  • There is no negative marking in the UPPSC RO ARO Prelims Exam.

UPPSC RO ARO Prelims Exam Analysis 2021: 5 December 2021

UPPSC RO ARO Prelims Exam Analysis 2021 (Subject-wise): Paper 1

Paper- I General Studies (Objective Type)


Sr. No.


Total Number of Questions


History of India



Indian National Movement



Indian Polity, Economy and Culture



Geography and Natural resources of India & World Geography



Population, Ecology and Urbanization (in Indian Context)



Indian Agriculture, Commerce and Trade



General Science



Current Events of National and International importance



General intelligentsia



Special Knowledge regarding Education, Culture, Agriculture industry, Trade, Living & Social Traditions of Uttar Pradesh


UPPSC RO ARO Prelims Paper-1 Exam Analysis 2021 (Topic-wise)

 Current events of national and international importance

  • India’s first rubber-based tyre metro is being based.
  • Which state is not among the top 10 states in SDG index 
  • Award in Social aspect category of India smart city award 2020 
  • Which Government Enterprise signed MOU for UP Defence Corridor?
  • Bimal Jalan Book recently published
  • Sharbi sangkapla abhiyan
  • The work force in u.p %
  • Khelo India Games included
  • Italy's first food mega-park is located in which?
  • Davinci+ and Veritas by NASA is related to?
  • Brent Index is related to
  • Headquarters of international potato center is?
  • Match countries with their language
  • India Urban Observatory is situated at?
  • Mitali express between which two cities
  • Author of Sanskriti ke Char Adhayay
  • Who publishes Global Climate Risk Index?
  • Countries signatories of Abraham Accord?
  • Island named as land of promise
  • Countries with capital match
  • Find odd one out (Country Capital)

History of India and Indian National Movement

  • 18th century - aura and authority of company bahadur
  • Folk drama - bhand pathar
  • Hariday - in holi heritage cities
  • Following not matched -historical places/melas/fairs
  • Arrange the event in chronological order
  • Indian national congress session
  • Match the war with their year
  • Assertion and reason of Dadabhai Naoroji
  • Fort William college Calcutta
  • Firangai poem bojpuri- against British
  • Revenue spend in british era
  • When U.P was separated from bangal to agra
  • Following correct - folk song-occasion singing
  • Chronological order of bank governors
  • When British authority established on agra fort prayraj
  • Arrange the event in chronological order (question 13)
  • Assertion/reasons - Rabindranath Tagore 
  • Kakori conspiracy 
  • Visitor which of them not from Portuguese
  • Successor of guru nanak ji
  • During which sultan Hindu gods worshipped in his mahal
  • Last subedar of bangal
  • Folk saying - when----was born eath sank 2 and a half hands
  • Kings elected by public..in the following order
  • Following not correct - foreign travelers -their tour era
  • Culture heritage of u.p following is corrent?
  • Temple of bhitargaun-folling correct
  • Sitar sound vibrations
  • How amny mahajanpada in u.p ..oldest 16 mahajanapda
  • Fair of u.p joined by Hindu Muslim
  • Banaras rebellion
  • Folling not corrected - medieval cities of u.p and its present status
  • Sultan established spcl army to protect boundaries
  •  jhini -jhini bini chadariya novel

Indian Polity and governance

  • Quorum required for meeting state legislative
  • not correct match-Mahila samridhi yojna
  • Following correct - list 1(name of acts) list 2(year)
  • Farmers produce trade commerce bill 2020
  • Chronological order KVS,CDP,DRDA
  • E-ration card service
  • Six point formula by which PM
  • Which article -State list subject on international agreement
  • Preamble of indian constitution
  • 1993 which language in 8th schedule
  • Indian president who served as loksabha speaker
  • Not correct - primary energy- tidal waves

India and World Geography

  • Kashi Lalima is variety of which crop?
  • Nutrient important for enhancing oil content in mustard oil
  • In which state area under tubewell irrigation is highest
  • Following not correct -co.act 2014?
  • Largest source of national income
  • Match the correct animal with its breed.
  • Oil content % in Niger Oil seed
  • Match fruit with largest producing state
  • Match the soil with associated states
  • Dhoopgarh peak is in which national park?
  • Hotspot of biodiversity in India
  • Which correct -Minerals - industries in which they used
  • Water pollution in river measured?
  • Diaster management act year?
  • Cyclone Tauktae in which ocean?
  • Indonesia does not share land boundary with?
  • Polesian group of Islands part?
  • Largest producer of Fish in the world?
  • Production of crop and countries match the following
  • 99% of totat energy required is obtained from hydropower in which country?
  • States and hotspring match the following
  • Iron steel plant is not located on river side.
  • Tamaria Tribe in which state
  • Largest fresh water lake of India

 Economic and Social Development

  • List -1 (5 yr plan) list -2 (applied growth)
  • Schedule Tribe population ascending order states in 2011 census
  • Which UT has lowest sex ratio
  • Lowest % of urban population in which state
  • City which has lowest population of slum in India
  • 1cr-5 cr rupees turnover investment bussiness called?
  • Not correct - www,cpu,email full form
  • Farmar hold 2 hectare known as
  • Crop rotation which is not correct
  • Maximum no of tribal districts as per state of India Forest Report 2019
  • Best Training state for Vnadhan Yojana
  • Indian Railway statement in electrification and net zero
  • Main objective of Sangam Yojana
  • Ak Pahal Yojana is related to?
  • Schemes related to skill development

 Environment & Ecology

  • Practice of gootee in plants is used for
  • Silk produced by which spider
  • Correct sequence of oceans,lakes 
  • Djibouti code of conduct is related to?

 General Science

  • two identical bulbs
  • Following pairs correct - beet - sugar
  • which is not correct - 1GB = 1024 Kb
  • which is not correct - human ears hearing,eyes
  • Liver affected 10 days
  • after fossil fule what is future fuel
  • The monoclimax theory was propounded by?
  • Hydrogen sulphide
  • Tulsi plant value
  • Best source of amini acids

Uttar Pradesh Specific

  • Statements about Uttar pradesh: Sugarcane, rice and milk production
  • Which one of the following Uttar Pradesh city in not a million city under 2011 census?
  • East UP Cable car in which district?
  • GI Tag for Black pottery for which place in UP?
  • River which doesnot flow in UP?
  • Which of the district of UP does not share border with Nepal?


  • Odd one out (Direction, Compass, Nidle, Magnet)
  • Electricity: Wire:: Water:?
  • Secret Coding- Hotel: 300; Bore::?
  • Count Square and triangle
  • Arrange the following Seasons
  • Capital Letters that appear same in mirror image
  • Missing no find out
  • Odd one out (JR6,RV3,EK5,DG2)
  • How many 3s are there
  • TEACHERS word 
  • Arrange the following according to the dictionary
  • Find the wrong no.

UPPSC RO ARO Prelims Expected Cut Off 2021


Expected Cut Off









What was the UPPSC RO ARO 2021 Difficulty Level? 

  • Overall UPPSC RO ARO 2021 Exam level is Medium to Moderate.

From where do we Get UPPSC RO ARO Prelims Answer Key 2021?

Candidates who have appeared for the UPPSC RO ARO exam can access the UPPSC RO ARO Prelims Answer Key to calculate the marks they get. 

From Where we Download UPPSC RO ARO Prelims Question Paper 2021?

We are providing you with the UPPSC RO ARO 2021 Prelims Question Paper PDF.

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  • No, there is no provision of negative marking in the UPPSC RO ARO 2021 Prelims.

  • The overall difficulty level was Moderate.

  • The official answer key will be released by UPPSC within 4 weeks of the exam.

  • The Expected Cut-Off of UPPSC RO ARO 2021 Prelims is

  • UPPSC RO ARO 2021 Result will be announced within 45 days after the exam date.


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