How to Study Geography for UPPSC PCS Prelims? Know Important Topics to Score Good Marks in Exam!

By Avinash Kumar|Updated : June 8th, 2022

UPPSC PCS Prelims Geography Important Tips: Geography is an important part of the UPPSC Syllabus and each year a considerable number of questions are asked in UPPSC Prelims and Main Exam. The syllabus of Geography overlaps with other subjects covering Economics (like Iron Steel industries), Agriculture (Soils, Irrigation), Environment (Types of Vegetation, etc). Even demography with maps and current affairs is also a part of its core area. So, it is more important to have a good understanding of this subject.

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This article provides a complete strategy with important topics to focus on while preparing geography for UPSC Prelims.

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Important sources of Geography 

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Physical Geography

  • Class XI NCERT (Fundamentals of Physical Geography)



  • Certificate Physical And Human Geography


 Goh Cheng Leong Oxford University Press
  •  India and World Geography
 Majid Hussain Mc Graw Hill
 Indian Geography  
  • Class IX NCERT: Contemporary India Part-I


  • Class X NCERT: Contemporary India Part-II




Human Geography

  • Class XII NCERT: Fundamentals of Human Geography




  • Class XII NCERT: India, People, and Economy





  • The Oxford student atlas for India

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press

Important Areas to be focussed in Geography

  • Physical geography: Origin of the earth, Minerals (Highest Producer), Rocks and Rocks Cycle
  • Indian geography: Physiography (Nelong Valley, UK), Mountain Pass, Mountain Range, Coastal part, Geological Age, Census, Agriculture (Crop, Fruit varieties), Irrigation and Land Resources, Industries (Special Reference to UP, PSU), and Minerals and Energy (Power Plants).
  • World geography: Physiography (World Mountain, Grassland, Political Geography, Rivers and Lakes, Ports, Suez Canal, Agriculture, Highest Producer.
  • Climatology: Indian Monsoon, El Nino, La Nino, Indian Ocean dipole, Latitude, Longitude, Inclination, Coriolis force.
  • Oceanography: Ocean Current, Streams, Type of Current

Many Aspirants find geography boring and confusing because one needs to read a lot of facts and concepts. Here we are providing some tips that would surely help you ace this subject!

  • Read the UPPCS 2021 syllabus many times so that you can know precisely what must be learned from your study material. Start with the NCERT’s and after that refer to higher-level books.
  • The questions asked in the UPPCS exam is more factual and the fact-based questions are related to the location, names of physical features, and the largest and highest.
  • In UPPCS Exam, the examiner attempts to test a candidate's factual and conceptual understanding. Thus getting hold of fundamentals should be the primary aim.
  • Like every other subject, geography is also linked with facts, names, and numbers hence, it is important to keep a note of these figures.
  • Most of the geography-based questions are directly/indirectly linked with maps. Location of important cities, physical features, river system, passes, and peaks should be studied from maps (India and World).
  • Most of the sub-topics are dynamically linked with National and International events. Thus it is very important for every aspirant to study in the same manner.
  • The aspirants need to focus on all the basic questions from the previous year's papers to get a good hold on questions trends and conceptual understanding.
  • Aspirants should join a standard test series to keep preparation on track and to know the surprising areas and patterns in which questions could be asked.
  • On a daily basis, a lot of Geographical phenomena like earthquakes, tsunami, landslides, etc are covered in the newspapers so when you read about them, relate them to what you have read in the textbooks.
  • To ensure success, keep the strategy very simple, stick to basics, have a clear conceptual understanding, and revise and revisit what you have learned.
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  • Recommended booklist for Geography Syllabus For UPPSC prelims

    • Physical Geography by Savindra Singh.
    • India: A Comprehensive Geography by D R Khullar.
    • Human Geography by Majid Husain.
    • Models in Geography by Majid Husain.
    • Geographical Thought by R D Dixit.
    • Fundamentals of Geographical Thought by Sudeepta Adhikari.

  • It's easy to remember the continents. Once you memorize the rivers for each continent, you'll know all the major river ways in the entire world. Chunking is another effective way for memorizing geographical information. You probably already use chunking strategies and don't even know it.

  • Here are tips and tricks for geography which you can best use to achieve 100% in the Geography subject.

    1. Revise as many times as possible.
    2. Make flow-charts for quick revision.
    3. Revise and read from NCERT textbook as the main book.
    4. Practice maps.
    5. Exercise separate questions related to maps.
    6. Practice data-based questions.

  • Geography is the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments. Geographers explore both the physical properties of Earth's surface and the human societies spread across it.

  • A resource is any physical material constituting part of Earth that people need and value. Natural materials become resources when humans value them. The uses and values of resources change from culture to culture and from time to time. Resources are spatially distributed varying in quantity and quality.


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