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UPPSC AE ME || Paper-1 Quiz-14

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Question 1

The core in the centrifugal casting is made of ________.

Question 2

Who said the following theorem?
Deflection of the point of application of an external force acting on a beam is equal to the partial derivative of the work of deformation with respect to this force.

Question 3

A wagon of mass 1000 kg moves with a velocity of 50 km/h on smooth horizontal rails. A mass of 250 kg is dropped into the wagon.The velocity (in km/h) with which the system now moves is ____.

Question 4

Angular acceleration of a link AB is given by

Question 5

In a ball bearing if load is doubled then life is

Question 6

Which of the following is true for Inventory control?

Question 7

What is the minimum frequency used in ultrasonic welding?

Question 8

Which theory gives satisfactory results for brittle materials?

Question 9

A uniformly tapering circular bar is subjected to an axial force P. The bar has length L, diameter at one end is d1 and on the other end is d2 (d2 >d1). The Young’s Modulus of material of bar is E. The change in length of the bar is

Question 10

A helicopter propeller rotates in counter-clockwise direction when seen from the top about the vertical axis. The helicopter takes a left turn in the horizontal plane about the vertical axis. The effect of gyroscopic couple will be
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