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UPPSC AE ME || Paper-1 Quiz-13

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Question 1

The kinetic energy of a body rotating with an angular speed  depends on

Question 2

Unit of section modulus is______.

Question 3

Which micro-structure γ-Austenite has ______.

Question 4

One of the methods used in Group technology is:

Question 5

Deflection curve is also called as

Question 6

Components produced by die casting have finer grain, higher strength and greater hardness at the skin than at the centre due to

Question 7

According to theorem of perpendicular axes, if Ixx and Iyy be the moment of inertia of a lamina about xx and yy axes, then moment of inertia of the lamina about zz axis, which is perpendicular to xx and yy, equal to

Question 8

Which one of the following statements is not correct for the exponential smoothing method of demand forecasting?

Question 9

Instantaneous center of rotation of a link in a four-bar mechanism lies on

Question 10

The linear velocity of the centre of a rotating body is given by the relation
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