UPPSC AE Civil Engineering Revision Quiz Plan

By Kajal Vats|Updated : December 8th, 2020

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission  Prayagraj invited online applications for 692 vacancies for the recruitment of Assistant Engineer 2020 in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Agriculture Engineering. UPPSC AE Exam has been scheduled for 13th December 2020.

UPPSC AE Exam Pattern 2020

  • The written exam consists of two papers carrying 375 marks each. 
  • Each paper includes 125 questions that carry 3 marks each.
TopicNo.of Questions (Marks)Time
Paper 1
General Hindi25(75)150 mins
Technical 100(300)
Paper 2
General Studies25(75)150 mins
Technical 100(300)

For all those candidates who are preparing for this exam, BYJU'S Exam Prep brings UPPSC AE Revision Quiz Plan to enhance their preparations. We will be posting technical quizzes for UPPSC AE Paper-1 and Paper-2 daily at 8 AM, and Non-Technical for UPPSC AE quizzes on Sundays at 8 AM.

UPPSC AE Civil Engineering Quiz Details
Number of Questions: 10 (Technical) for Paper 1 and Paper 2 alternatively
Time Duration: 12 minutes
Live Time: 8 AM
Marking Scheme: (+3) for the correct answer and (-1/3) for an incorrect answer
UPPSC AE Sunday Quiz Details
Number of Questions: 20 (10 General Studies and 10 General Hindi)
Time Duration: 20 minutes
Live Time: 8 AM
Marking Scheme: (+3) for the correct answer and (-1/3) for an incorrect answer

Schedule for UPPSC AE Civil Engineering Revision Quiz Plan

2-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-1
3-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-1
4-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-2
5-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-2
6-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-3
7-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-3
8-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Non-Technical Quiz 1
9-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-4
10-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-4
11-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-5
12-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-5
13-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-6
14-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-6
15-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Non-Technical Quiz 2
16-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-7
17-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-7
18-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-8
19-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-8
20-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-9
21-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-9
22-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Non-Technical Quiz 3
23-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-10
24-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-10
25-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-11
26-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-11
27-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-12
28-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-12
29-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Non-Technical Quiz 4
30-Nov-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-13
1-Dec-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-13
2-Dec-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-14
3-Dec-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-14
4-Dec-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-15
5-Dec-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-15
6-Dec-2020UPPSC AE Non-Technical Quiz 5
7-Dec-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-16
8-Dec-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-16
9-Dec-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-17
10-Dec-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-17
11-Dec-2020UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-18
12-Dec-2020UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-18

Practicing quizzes help you to analyze your preparation and boosts your confidence. Moreover, these quizzes give you real-time experience and exposure to types of questions that can be asked in the exam. So bookmark this article and practice quiz for UPPSC AE Civil Engineering Exam daily with BYJU'S Exam Prep at FREE OF COST!

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