60 Days Study Plan for UPPCL AE Electrical & Electronics 2022 Exam

By Rohit Jha|Updated : March 11th, 2022

60 Days Study Plan for UPPCL AE Electrical & Electronics 2022 Exam: Candidates who are preparing for the UPPCL AE exam must practice daily to keep up their preparation. BYJU'S Exam Prep brings you 60 Days Study Plan for the preparation of UPPCL AE Electricals & Electronics Engineering. This 60 day Study Plan is free and will be very beneficial for the aspirant preparing and aiming to crack the UPPCL AE Exam. Keep visiting this article as it will be updated on a daily basis as per the mentioned schedule.

Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited is a Public Sector Undertaking under the administrative control of the Government of Uttar Pradesh, has released the notification of 113 Vacancies for recruitment of Assistant Engineer in Electrical & Electronics Departments of UPPCL. This is a great opportunity for Electrical and Electronics students to work with one of the top PSU and make their career. Everyday competition is high, the aspirants need to prepare with a solid strategy and proper planning.

Table of Content

Benefits of Daily Updated UPPCL AE Study Plan

  • Our subject experts have designed this study plan to cover the whole syllabus of Electricals & Electronics Engineering in 60 Days.
  • This study plan consists of topic-wise notes and a Daily Quiz of each chapter of the subject individually.
  • The Study Notes will be provided chapter-wise for each Subject and will cover all the important concepts, formulas, and theory as per the requirements of the UPPCL AE Exam.
  • The daily Quiz contains the question of the particular topic and which will help to work on your speed and accuracy, which is necessary from the examination point of view.
  • On an everyday basis this study plan will be updated and therefore candidate should always keep in touch with the subject and consistency in the preparation which is very important.
  • Aspirants who will follow this study plan his complete syllabus will be covered along with an edge of practicing and solving questions of each and every topic within the stipulated time.
  • Having an all-around preparation for the exam will increase an aspirant's confidence.

60 Days UPPCL AE Study Plan for Electrical & Electronics

The detailed Schedule of the 60 Days Study Plan for the preparation of UPPCL: Electrical & Electronics Engineering is given below.

S. No.SubjectTopicQuiz LinkPublishing Date
Digital Electronics

Number SystemAttempt Now1-Feb-2022
2Logic GatesAttempt Now2-Feb-2022
3Minimization of Boolean ExpressionAttempt Now3-Feb-2022
4Combinational Logic CircuitsAttempt Now4-Feb-2022
5Sequential Logic CircuitsAttempt Now5-Feb-2022
6Logic FamilyAttempt Now6-Feb-2022
7Data ConvertersAttempt Now7-Feb-2022
Circuit Theory

Basics of Circuit TheoryAttempt Now8-Feb-2022
9Kirchhoff's LawsAttempt Now9-Feb-2022
10Network TheoremsAttempt Now10-Feb-2022
11Transient AnalysisAttempt Now11-Feb-2022
12Steady-State AnalysisAttempt Now12-Feb-2022
13AC Circuit AnalysisAttempt Now13-Feb-2022
14Two Port NetworksAttempt Now14-Feb-2022
Electrical & Electronic

Measurement of Voltage & CurrentAttempt Now15-Feb-2022
16Measurement of Power & EnergyAttempt Now16-Feb-2022
17AC & DC BridgesAttempt Now17-Feb-2022
18Cathode Ray Tube & OscilloscopeAttempt Now18-Feb-2022
19Digital VoltmetersAttempt Now19-Feb-2022
Signals & Systems

Basics of Signals & SystemsAttempt Now20-Feb-2022
21L.T.I. SystemsAttempt Now21-Feb-2022
22Laplace TransformAttempt Now22-Feb-2022
23Fourier Series & Fourier TransformAttempt Now23-Feb-2022
24Z Transform & Sampling TheoremAttempt Now24-Feb-2022
Control Systems

Basics of Control SystemsAttempt Now25-Feb-2022
26Transfer FunctionAttempt Now26-Feb-2022
27Time Domain AnalysisAttempt Now27-Feb-2022
28Frequency Domain AnalysisAttempt Now28-Feb-2022
29Various PlotsAttempt Now1-Mar-2022
30Controllers & CompensatorsAttempt Now2-Mar-2022
31State Space AnalysisAttempt Now3-Mar-2022
Analog Electronics

Diode Types & its ApplicationsAttempt Now4-Mar-2022
33Diode RectifiersAttempt Now5-Mar-2022
34BJT & FET : Biasing & OperationAttempt Now6-Mar-2022
35Operational AmplifiersAttempt Now7-Mar-2022
36Timers & OscillatorsAttempt Now8-Mar-2022
Electromagnetic Fields

Basics of Field TheoryAttempt Now9-Mar-2022
38ElectrostaticsAttempt Now10-Mar-2022
39MagnetostaticsAttempt Now11-Mar-2022
40Maxwell's, Poisson's & Laplace equationsAttempt Now12-Mar-2022
Electrical Engineering Non-Common Subject
Electrical Machines
TransformersAttempt Now13-Mar-2022
42DC MachinesAttempt Now14-Mar-2022
43Single & Three Phase Induction MotorsAttempt Now15-Mar-2022
44Synchronous MachinesAttempt Now16-Mar-2022
45Special MachinesAttempt Now17-Mar-2022
Power Electronics
Power Semiconductor DevicesAttempt Now18-Mar-2022
47AC to DC ConvertersAttempt Now19-Mar-2022
48DC to DC ConvertersAttempt Now20-Mar-2022
49DC to AC ConvertersAttempt Now21-Mar-2022
50Electric DrivesAttempt Now22-Mar-2022
Power Systems
Fundamentals of Power System & Power TransmissionAttempt Now23-Mar-2022
52Overhead Insulators & Underground CablesAttempt Now24-Mar-2022
53Load Flow AnalysisAttempt Now25-Mar-2022
54Power System StabilityAttempt Now26-Mar-2022
55Fault AnalysisAttempt Now27-Mar-2022
56Switchgear & ProtectionAttempt Now28-Mar-2022
Basic Electronics
Semiconductor PhysicsAttempt Now29-Mar-2022
58Semiconductor DevicesAttempt Now30-Mar-2022
Material System
Conductors & Insulating MaterialsAttempt Now31-Mar-2022
60Magnetic MaterialsAttempt Now1-Apr-2022

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