UP TET Exam Daily Study Bites: 18.10.2018

By Shashi Kant|Updated : October 18th, 2018

Uttar Pradesh Basic Education is going to conduct UPTET Exam on 4th November 2018. Now almost one month left for the exam so here we are starting new series "UPTET Daily Study Bites" to boost .your preparation for UPTET Exam 2018. This series aims to cover highly important and expected questions for the various subject of the upcoming UPTET 2018 Exam. So do not miss reading "UPTET Daily Study Bites 2018" on daily basis. Today we are giving the question of Pedagogy of English Language.

Imp. Pedagogy of English Language Questions:

1. The process of a child taking control of their learning by integrating prior and new knowledge is called:

Ans:- Metacognition

2. The main advantage of having Directed activities related to text (DARTs) is:

Ans:- They do not require definitive answers, thus enabling pupils to be tentative and exploratory.

3. Correct stages of learning are as:

Ans:- Acquisition, Proficiency, Maintenance, Generalization and Adaption

4. What is the correct meaning of “Morphemes”

Ans:- Smallest Meaningful Combination of Sounds such as friend, come, go.

5. 'LAD' a hypothetical module of the human mind, stands for :

Ans:- Language Acquisition Device.

6. The Native Language Magnet Model proposed by Kuhl, specifies how many phases?

Ans:- 3

7. Arrange the following steps of remedial teaching in a proper sequence.

1) Diagnostic test

2) Identification

3) Appropriate Strategy

4) Remedial Instruction

Ans:- 2,1,4,3

8. A test which is administered at the end of a language course is:

Ans:- Achievement Test

9. Planning, Organizing, Leading and Evaluating are the four steps of Remedial Teaching suggested by whom?

Ans:- I.K. Device

10. What strategy should be followed for book reading?

Ans:- Using pre-reading strategies will increase learner comprehension and recollections and assign learners to read a section and prepare a graphic organizer of the material

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