UP TET Exam Daily Study Bites: 04.11.2018

By Shashi Kant|Updated : November 4th, 2018

Uttar Pradesh Basic Education is going to conduct UPTET Exam on 18th November 2018. Now almost one month left for the exam so here we are starting new series "UPTET Daily Study Bites" to boost .your preparation for UPTET Exam 2018. This series aims to cover highly important and expected questions for the various subject of the upcoming UPTET 2018 Exam. So do not miss reading "UPTET Daily Study Bites 2018" on daily basis. Today we are giving the question of "Child Development & Pedagogy".

Imp. Questions on "Child Development & Pedagogy".

1. Piaget is mainly known for studying..............

Ans:- Cognitive development

2. Operant conditioning theory was propounded by........

Ans:- Skinner.

3. When training given to one part of the human body gets transferred to the other part, then it is called?

Ans:- Bilateral transfer.

4. Kohlberg theory of development is concerned with.........

Ans:- Moral development.

5. Cognition is a part of which intelligence theory?

Ans:- Fluid and crystallised theory.

6. Copying of the external behaviour of another individual is.........

Ans:- Imitation.

7. Anger and fear are types of?


8. Who gave the concept of mental age?

Ans:- Binet-Simon.

9. Who has given the concept of programmed learning?


10. Field theory is the contribution of........


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