Unit of viscosity is ?(A) m/sec (B) kg sec/m2 (C) N.sec/m2 (D) Ns2m

By Raj Vimal|Updated : September 28th, 2022

The unit of viscosity is N.s/m2. The term "viscosity" refers to the characteristic that characterizes a fluid's internal resistance to motion. In simple words, a fluid with low viscosity travels easily because its molecular makeup has little friction when it is in motion.

Unit of Viscosity

Viscosities can be expressed in two different ways:

  • Absolute viscosity is also known as dynamic viscosity. a standard measure of dynamic viscosity is poise. ⇒ 1 poise = 0.1 Pa.s = 0.1 N.s/m2
  • Kinematic Viscosity: Kinematic viscosity is the name given to the ratio of dynamic viscosity to density, which commonly emerges. Its unit is Stoke or m2 /s (1 stoke = 0.0001 m2 /s).


Unit of viscosity is (A) m/sec (B) kg sec/m2 (C) N.sec/m2 (D) Ns2m

N.s/m2 is a unit of viscosity. Viscosity is the internal resistance to the motion of a body. It plays an important role when fluid flows at a place.


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