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UGC NET History Quiz 2020

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Question 1

Consider the following statements:
1) The Permanent settlement or Zamindari system was introduced by Lord Cornwallis in 1793 A.D. in Bengal Presidency and Varanasi division.
2) Ryotwari System was first introduced by Thomas Munro in Agra and Gujarat in 1803 A.D.
3) The rent collected in the Ryotwari System was the highest ever at 75%.
4) Under the Ryotwari System, the Ryot or farmer was the owner of the soil.

Choose the incorrect statements:

Question 2

Consider the following statements.
1) Satyendranath Tagore became the first Indian ICS officer in 1868.
2) Lord William Bentick was the first to form local courts called Munsif Courts, presided over by the Indians.
3) T.B. Macaulay became the first Law Member.
4) Charles Wilkins was the first to translate Ramayan into English.
Choose the correct statements.

Question 3

Choose the correct statements.
1) George Yule: the first Englishman to preside over INC.
2) Lord Ripon: Formation of Indian National Congress.
3) W. C. Banerjee: the first President of INC
4) Badruddin Tyabji: the first Muslim president of INC.

Question 4

By the end of the second world war in 1945, British had changed its attitude towards the people of India. Some of the reasons are as follows:
1). The war had changed the balance of power in the world.
2). Change of government in Britain, the Conservatives were replaced by the Labour Party
3). The Indian people were no longer tolerant with the humiliation of foreign rule.
Choose the incorrect statements.

Question 5

In accordance to the CR Formula (June 1944), which of the following statement is incorrect.
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