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Types of DC Machines Starter Quiz

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Question 1

In DC machine, the commutator is made of-

Question 2

The wave winding in DC machine is designed for-

Question 3Multiple Correct Options

The generated emf in armature coil of a DC machine.

Question 4

A 8 pole generator with 64 coil has a two layer LAP winding. The pole pitch is-

Question 5

The flux density in the pole of a DC generator is 0.5 T and area 80 cm2. The leakage coefficient is 1.3. If there are 800 conductors in the lap wounded armature, calculate the emf generated when generator is rotating at a speed of 1200 rpm, ____________ in volts.

Question 6

For a Shunt DC machine, consider supply voltage as 240 V, armature resistance to be 0.15 Ω and field resistance is 120 Ω.If line current when machine runs as a generator and as motor is 75A in each case. Then ratio of speed of machine as a generator to speed of machine as a motor is _______
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