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Transportation in India

Question 1

Consider the following statements:

Statement I : The largest railway network of Asia is in India.

Statement II : The Indian Railways is also the largest public sector undertaking in India.

Question 2

Select the statements related to Road transport ?

1. Road transport is the most important means to link the rural

and urban centres scattered throughout the country.

2. National Highways are the major roads in the country linking the state capitals, major cities,ports etc.

3. State Highways are the major roads connecting the state capitals with the district head quarters.

Question 3

The National Waterway (NW) 1 of India is over long.

Question 4

Choose the correct statements ?

1. The rail transport in India was started in 1853

2. The first train ran along the 34 km-long rail between Mumbai and Thane.

Question 5

Choose the incorrect pair in terms of roads in India and their construction and management.
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